According to a Slashgear report, ’s camera will be able to recognize products, codes, other objects perform a search for them. This would turn your camera into a direct search portal, make it easier for you to research an item or scan a QR code without the need for a separate app. One piece of evidence comes from Goggles itself, which is rumored to be the source for this new integration. The app hasn’t been updated since May of 2014. The interface used in the accompanying demo video screenshots are from the Froyo days. My take is that instead of just letting the technology rot, behind-the-scenes work is underway to put these tools front center. Since makes its own camera app for Nexus phones, this is the logical way to go.  According to the rumor, you’ll be able to “scan” the environment trace the object you want searched with your finger. This could extend beyond just smartphones: oject Tango Cardboard would be fit in well, as sees search the Internet as moving beyond flat screens. This is the type of technology that could show off at I/O, so it’ll be on our list of things to watch out for. y this matters: Building in such integration is one way that can better leverage its search prowess on Android. Infusing more of its services directly into the operating system makes Android more powerful as you don’t have to hop into a separate app every time you want to perform a new function. This is still in the rumor stage, but it’s very much the type of thing that would do, especially if you consider how Now on Tap other technologies are at the heart of Android.