To Mi or not to Mi That is NOT the question Whether it is nobler for the hands to suffer The stretches and strains of a 6.44 inch display? Or to take in one’s palms a 5.5, aye, even a 5, inch one And by doing so, soothe them?

Mark Antony:

Friends, Indians, Countrymen Lend Mi your ears (or rather hands, such indeed are the times and the topic) I come here to propose the Mi Max Not to criticise the others. The pain to palms that phones stretch and strain Lives after them The good their battery did Is interred with their (mother)boards. And so let it be with the Mi Max The noble reviewers hath told you That the Mi Max is too big and bulky If so, it were a grievous fault And grievously should it pay for it. Here in the presence of the reviewers and the rest For the reviewers are honorable men Come I to speak of the Max that is Mi It is large, well specced, laden with battery But the reviewers say that it is not portable And the reviewers are honorable men It hath brought two days – yea TWO DAYS, I tell you Of survival on a single charge to users Does this not forgive a sin of fitting tight pockets? But the reviewers say it’s not portable And the reviewers are honorable men! When other phones have died The Mi Max hath striven on untiringly Slim and trim should be made of sterner stuff! But the reviewers just say it’s not portable And sure, they are honorable men It is smaller in length than the Plus from Cupertino And almost as slim As the One (Plus) that adds up to Four Does this strike you as bulkiness? But the reviewers say it is not portable And of course, they are honorable men! I speak not to disprove What the critics spoke But here I am to speak What I do know You all love big displays And not without cause What cause witholds you then From admiring the Mi Max? Oh judgement! Thou art sold to small form factors And men have sold their reason to slimmess My heart is there In the box with the Mi Max And I must pause until it Comes back to me…


(It might take some time For tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in the flash sale from week to week…)