According to a ll Street urnal report the two companies have apparently struck an agreement that allows to index Facebook profiles other links inside of its search app.  This also means that publicly-shared content on Facebook can be indexed by show up in search results. Tap on the link you’ll go right to that content in the Facebook app. has been at work on other “deep linking” partnerships to make its search app less of an isl on mobile devices. The deal went into effect on Friday. I didn’t notice any new tie-ins to Facebook yet when trying several different searches, but such a massive piece of software engineering probably takes some time. Note that only public information will be indexed by . Anything you mark as only visible by friends or otherwise made private in Facebook will not be indexed can’t show up in search results. To find any of that stuff, you’ll need to use the Facebook app’s own search. You should see the feature soon in performing searches in either Android or iOS. y this matters: This is a case where both companies are making a deal to benefit their own self-interest. ’s search engine gets more relevant, as you won’t have to hop over to the Facebook app now if you want to look up a person’s profile or another search term that likely will take you to Facebook. The social network gets more doors to its service inside the world’s most popular search engine.