9to5 reports from its own unnamed sources that plans to do the inevitable: roll up its Voice functionality into the + Hangouts app for both Android iOS devices. Hangouts will be able to do VoIcalls SMS via your Voice number, in addition to the video calls instant messaging it’s capable of now. It all makes perfect sense: once sequestered as its own stalone app, SMS messaging integration was recently rolled up into Hangouts after the launch of KitKat in an effort to kickstart ‘s idea of a unified messaging app. Talk us instant messaging are also a part of that package, every service is easily accessible through one unified Omnibar that lets you search for anyone, whether they’re in your Contacts or a public + user. so consider ‘s insistence for its users to use +. The social network is slowly transforming into a portal for every service you utilize. l the things that are not tied to a + account are slowly being swallowed up by the things that do. None of this is a new concept, but rather the proper evolution of ‘s myriad of services. Its competitors, Apple Microsoft, both insist you have a user ID to log into its services. Both companies also offer their own unified messaging portals: Apple’s Messages on the Mac iOS, Microsoft’s nc on the desktop. Either will push forth a silent update for Hangouts—as the company is known to do with some of its high profile services apps—or we’ll expect to hear an official announcement during the I/O keynote. For now it’s just an unconfirmed rumor— a wish that would just pull the trigger on the inevitable.