Stock Android might have come a long way since its Gingerbread days, but the AOSP calendar app still looks boring and unintuitive. Sadly, the Play Store lacks any decent calendar replacement app as well, which is a shame. Taking things into his own hands, developer Jack Underwood of the Today Calendar Widget fame, has released Today Calendar on the Play Store.

The app is based on the stock AOSP calendar but looks much more modern, thanks to its card layout based interface. The coloured action bar is also a nice touch, which Google recently implemented in Google Keep and other apps. The developer has also re-designed the Month view from scratch, which now shows your Agenda for a specific day of the month as well to help make planning your day easier.

Lastly, Today Calendar also comes bundled with the excellent Today Calendar Widgets, making it act as a complete replacement for the pre-loaded Calendar app on your Android device. You can try out a two-week trial of Today Calendar widget before purchasing the full version for $2.99.