Floor-cleaning robots like the Roomba have been around for years, and have become commonplace. But now, there are also robots that’ll mow your lawn, and others that will fold your laundry. They can even do the dirty jobs like cleaning your gutters. But they’re getting even dirtier. One company wants to eliminate one of the dirtiest chores of them all: cleaning your toilets. So they’ve created a robot that’ll dive right in to make that bowl sparkle.

The dirtiest robot job of them all

Meet Giddel, a robot designed to scrub your toilet bowls, keeping them squeaky clean.  Altan Robotech, the company behind the Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot, said in a release “… people no longer have to do the mundane and disgusting task of cleaning a toilet bowl. Instead, they can focus on spending time with loved one.” That’s definitely one way to look at it. The cordless, lithium-ion-powered robot just clips onto its specially-designed toilet seat (included), and goes to town on all aspects the rim. And because it’s hanging onto the seat, it never actually touches the water. That way, you don’t have to replace toilet cleaning with the new task of giving your robot a bath. Bonus: Kim’s take: A robot that checks on everyone in the family And among other cleaning supplies the robot comes with a (I’m sure much-appreciated) non-spin brush that should prevent splashing. Take a look at one of the many videos on the company’s YouTube page below:

You know you want your own