The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has presented a new flying device as an interceptor drone; the drone has been modified to capture the air of other suspicious drones, as you can see in the image of the interceptor drone how it captures another drone with the help of net the interceptor drone using. The newly introduced elite fleet of interceptor drones on the air frightens other drones. Also Read: How To Unlock Windows Computer from Android/iPhone. Metropolitan Police Department controls the Tokyo Interceptor drone to chase and catch suspicious-looking drones flying over the local public area or any sensitive location; the Prime Minister has ordered the department to use significant steps for more security concerns. The police and the controller have been guided to follow any suspicious drones flying over any building or any location without prior permission will have to dismantle.

Tokyo Police Using Drones With Nets to Catch Other Drones

Also Read: How To Remove Computer Virus Without Antivirus The camera-equipped drone controller has received a strict order to navigate the location of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s office. Also, the large net has been fixed lower to the drone to capture the warned drone. Before pursuing other suspicious drones, the Interceptor will alert the operator to revoke the flight. The Interceptor drone, developed by government management, has four propellers carrying trace amounts of radioactive cesium level, which are ordered to fly and intercept over the Prime Minister’s office. Police said that the radioactivity level should be at a maximum of 1 level microsievert of gamma rays per hour; with this level, it will not harm human life. The terror activity rising over the capital made this decision. Also Read: How To Make Your Computer Shutdown At Given Particular Time Yoshihide Suga, the boss bureau secretary, said at a question and answer session, “This circumstance concerns the focal point of the Japanese government, the head administrator’s office, and we will make each vital security strides, including a nitty gritty examination by police”. In a nation like Japan, it is unlawful to pilot rambles over specific areas, including airplane terminals, over streets, or 150 meters above the ground. Also Read: How To Speed Up Your Computer The police power’s automatons measure around one meter in distance and the nets measure two meters by three meters, suspended underneath the Interceptor’s body. The authority will utilize them in the future before moving the activity out broadly in February.