Do you know where your data is? Unfortunately, in this information economy, it’s almost impossible to tell. If you use the internet like most people, there’s a good chance that your phone number, email address and other sensitive details have been collected by Facebook, TikTok or one of the other social media giants. Once they have that information, it doesn’t stay idle. Luckily, a data broker removal service like Optery can clean up the data trails you leave across the web, and one-year subscriptions are now 59% off. Optery is a paid service, so it’s beholden to all its users, not the data brokers who smoke money off their data. These brokers include sites like InfoTracer and TruthFinder, and a single search may reveal more information about you than you’re comfortable with sharing with the world. Unfortunately, advertisers, hackers and other nefarious groups use this data against you. Rated five stars on Product Hunt, Optery not only keeps tabs on where your data gets posted but it also sends opt-out orders on your behalf to remove such info. And because that data might recirculate as you explore new websites, the service also scours the web continuously to send opt-out requests multiple times throughout the year. Optery even provides a dashboard where you can view where brokers might expose your information, and you can watch them disappear as Optery works its magic.  Right now, you can purchase one-year memberships to two of Optery’s most popular subscriptions. You get the Core Plan for $49 or the Ultimate Plan for $199 (a 33% discount), including removal options for over 150 data broker sites.