Our childhood sculpts us into what we become later on. So, it’s safe to say that this is the most important part of our lives. I remember when I was little, I used to play Hide and Seek, play on my Terminator Game Console, read adventure books, and watch TV; this is what it meant to me. But nowadays, children are much more different. They now have tablet PCs , state-of-the-art laptops and lightning-fast computers, a far cry from our Intel 386 computers with black and white monitors. With all this technology, many child psychologists are saying that children lose the ability to interact and make friends. They might be wrong, but as long as we have the technology to teach our kids lots of stuff in a manner that they enjoy, why should we not use it? Smartphones are getting smarter by the day, tablets are increasingly overtaking laptop sales (I hope the day never comes when I will have to buy a tablet), and it’s safe to say that they will become the replacement for books and spelling cards.

What can kids learn from tablets and smartphones?

Well, for Android users, the Google Play Market provides lots of apps that your kids might find very amusing but, at the same time, help them learn. With colorful graphics and attractive noises, kids cannot resist the temptation of playing a few games. So, stick around and see the best apps for your children to play with.

Top 10 Kids Apps

10. Itsy Bitsy Spider

The famous children’s tale is told like never before. With interactive scenarios that kids can interact with, songs, and mini-games, perfect for having fun. Also, by playing this fun game, they can learn useful facts, and the best part: they do it with pleasure.

9. My first Tangrams

The Tangram game was a favorite for kids of all ages. And now, it’s available on your Android device. Teach your kids to recognize shapes and put them together to create images and sceneries. This game will enhance their creativity in a fun way that they will enjoy.

8. Kids Numbers and Math

Math is not something kids usually enjoy; no argument here. But for their early years, the pain of learning simple arithmetics can be substantially lowered. A nice app with colorful pictures and nice games can help them learn the numbers and make simple calculations. This is a great start for any child before school.

7. Sound Touch

Our ability to recognize sounds and communicate is what makes us humans, and this is a skill we learn from our early years. For this process to be easier, some apps, like Sound Touch, can help our kids recognize dozens of sounds, from animals to musical instruments to household sounds. Also, the app allows users to set the language in one of 20 possible languages.

6. Kids Animals (Children 3 to 9)

Teach your kids how to recognize animals in a fun way by using a great app. Intended for kids between 3 to 9 years old, it features a full-size zoo, complete with information and sounds of each animal. Say goodbye to those animal cards and say hello to the 21st-century alternative.

5. Kids ABC Phonics

One of the most fun ways to learn the letters is the use Kids ABC Phonics. With fun games and spelling exercises, your kids can learn to spell in a fun way. This app features simple and entertaining games that kids between 2 and 7 years will find very appealing.

4. Color & Draw for kids HD

When I was little, I used to “draw” on anything I could find. Nowadays, this mess could be avoided fairly easily by using apps like Color & Draw for kids HD. they allow the little ones to express their creativity without damaging any items in the home. With a number of painting tools at their disposal, the kids won’t get bored with this app too soon.

3. Syrious Scramble Full

Scramble is a great game to play with children. They learn new words in a manner that they find fun. This puzzle game puts their creativity to work by making them create words out of scrambled letters. A great way of working on their spelling, and it helps them remember the words they learn.

2. Kids ABC Letters

Learning the letters has never been so much fun. With this great app, your kids will be able to identify all the letters from the alphabet, and because it has such nice and colorful graphics, they will enjoy playing the game. Also, they will learn to use the letters in context. The app is recommended for kids between 3 and 7 years old, so by the time they go to school, they will have mastered the spelling.

1. Chess

This hundred of years old game still fascinates us to this day. I believe that everyone should learn to play Chess, even at an early age, because it develops strategic thinking and can play a crucial role in the healthy intellectual development of any child. The sport of the mind is a must-have for any parents who want their kids to develop a great intellect. Although I still prefer Chess on a board, not on a screen, the benefits are all the same. Related Read: Unblocked Games With the help of these apps, your kids will have plenty of fun, and they will definitely develop their creative skills and sculpt them into true 21st-century inhabitants. But as much as I love technology, I still find the need of old school reading (by this I mean books) and plenty of real life interaction with other children.