Automation apps are a perfect way to make your smartphone autonomous. Maybe some of you have have heard about IFTTT (If this Than That), well, Android automation apps are somewhat similar. They allow the users to create custom triggers and actions on their mobile devices that run themselves. In essence, an automation app allow you to make your smartphone even smarter. We’ve previously talked about such apps as AutomateIt and Atoooma. Since then, a number of similar apps have appeared that allow users to setup their devices so they can perform these actions on their own.

How does an Automation app work?

Android automation apps allow the user to select certain triggers from the actions that their smartphones do and assign them another one. This action is merely a response when the designated trigger occurs, and whilst the smartphone is not thinking, it does however free the user from performing the action himself. A good example of such a trigger/response is when your phone automatically detects when that you leave your home and turns off the Wi-Fi and engages 3G connectivity instead. This and other actions can be performed with the help of automation apps. Android automation apps read the phone’s state and determine if it meets the required characteristics for a action to start. Location is determined via the GPS in your phone, battery level is always monitored, incoming calls or text messages can also be set as triggers.

The benefits of using automation apps

The most obvious benefit would be the fact that it frees the user from performing these tasks, but there is another side benefit: by implementing some actions, the user can prolong his smartphone’s battery life. If you set actions to turn the brightness of the display down and stop vibration alerts when the battery is low, you can get some extra juice from your smartphone. Also, if you set your automation app to disable all the features that you don’t need at night, or at work, it will also give a few extra hours of battery. Some of these apps allow the user to create custom profiles where they can set different actions for their smartphones. These profiles can be triggered by location, time or anything else you want.

Android automation apps are developed to customize your Android smartphone, they offer a host of features, and what the best one is only a matter of what the user needs it to be. If you want your Android automation app to be able to block calls from certain numbers, or set the phone to silent at night, then the one that has that option is best for you. Also, there are a number of Android automation apps specialized in a certain area. Some only offer options for calls and text messages, while others are more of a general purpose use. The bottom line is that the best app is the one that you feel comfortable using and it provides all the features you need.

What are the best Android automation apps?

As we’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of Android Android automation apps out there that can help users automate their smartphones. Unfortunately, iOS users are not so lucky, as automation apps are almost none-existent for these devices.


Tasker is one of the most know automation apps on the Play Store. It gives its users an impressive array of tools to customize their devices. Also, it’s simple and intuitive interface is very easy to navigate. Users of Tasker also benefit from other features along with the automation apps: Scene creator for adding custom screen overlays and App Creator for letting users create their own apps. Although this app is not free, it is worth the $3 it costs.


Quick and Simple are the words to describe Locale. This automation app provides users with pretty much all the features they need in order to make their Android devices a little more smart. Also, its simple menu allows users to create these actions with ease and on the go. Although the app is pretty awesome, it will require users to part with $10 in order to use it.

Llama – Location Profiles

Llama is one of the most loved automation apps of the Play Store. While it provides all the features that one might want from his Android automation app, the developers have managed to keep the app itself free. Also, there are add-ons that users could install in order to make Llama even better.

Actions Pro – $4.5

Profile Scheduler – Free EasyProfiles (Pro) – $4.5 Smart Settings – Free Makros – $1 Modus Operandi – Free Smart Places – $2 Motorola SmartActions – for Motorola devices online

By using these Automation apps you will be able to make your smartphone do a big part of the tasks that you had to do yourself, all on itself. However, these apps work as good as you configure them to, so take the time to create all the actions you might want. Be sure to let us know if you know of other Android automation apps that are good by leaving us a comment.