It’s a well known fact that a smartphone which is not connected to the Internet is useless. No way to check your email, to connect with your friends or browse the Internet. All these make a top of the line smartphone as useful as an old school phone with no battery power. On the other side, data plans are quite expensive, and when you go over your monthly allowance, the costs start piling up. Apps like Facebook are known to be data hogs, and if you start uploading pictures, videos and check out profiles all day long, you might find yourself with no data left.

Why have a data traffic monitor?

The reason is simple, to avoid going over your data plan and build up a hefty bill. A traffic monitor allows you to see how much data you have spent and know exactly how much you still have. Also, some alert you when you reach the limit of your data plan, so that you can stop using the Internet, or you can see what apps are the biggest data hogs on your smartphone.

10 Useful Android Traffic Monitors

Data monitors are particularly useful for those who do not have the latest Android OS installed. As you might know, Android ICS has an integrated data counter, but it’s limited because it does not have a widget to let you know just how much traffic you have spent and the readability is somewhat compromised.

10. 3G Watchdog Pro

3G watchdog Pro is a great app for seeing how much traffic you have spent. And with its intuitive algorithms, it can tell you how much time will your traffic last at your current spending rate. A wonderful app that anyone should have. Because there are still some issues with ICS smartphones, it takes the 10th spot in our top, maybe at the next update it will be on the very top.

9. Traffic Statistics

Many Android traffic monitors have a hard time to read interfaces and overwhelm you with needless information. This is not the case for Traffic Statistics. Its intuitive interface and user friendly options let you see with great accuracy exactly how much traffic you spent and now much you have until the end of the month. A great plus over many such apps.

8. Network Monitor

Monitoring your Android data usage in real time has never been easier. With the help of Network Monitor you can see detailed graphs with all you consumed data, be it over WiFi or 2G/3G network. Also, it can warn you when you reach the end of your data plan.

7. NetCounter

At first glance, NetCounter is not that impressive. It’s a simple app that can only keep track of your data and nothing more. Also, you can keep a record of your data usage for the current day, over a 7 day period or over an entire month. The best feature of this app is the accuracy it has when giving you your Android data usage information. Top notch quality!

6. Data Counter widget

I always thought simple is better. And none are more simple than Data Counter Widget. It shows exactly how much traffic you have made, for both 3G/4G/GPRS and WiFi and it gives you detailed information and statistics so you will never run over your traffic and have to pay a huge phone bill. Also, if you want to upgrade to the Pro version, you will get some cool customization features. Related Article: Monitor Postpaid Calls, SMS and Data with DroidStats

5. Data Traffic Monitor

A simple app with a simple task: to give you the best information on your data traffic. And this app accomplishes this task without flaw. All you have to do is set the limit of your data plan and the app will let you know when it’s time to go offline. Also, if you feel that your data is running lower than usual, or that an app is guzzling all your precious MB of data, then you have the option to see which app is the culprit and stop it in its tracks.

4. Mobile Counter – 3G, WiFi

Because some network operators like to work with data blocks (100kb), sometimes data counters can render inaccurate data. Mobile Counter – 3G, WiFi gets past this issue by calculating both data blocks traffic and normal data traffic. This feature helps you keep track with accuracy of your data. Also, you have the option to export your history to your SD card or to calculate potential costs for your mobile data.

3. Traffic Counter Extended

One of the most complete monitors on the Google Play Market comes in the form of Traffic Counter Extended. This little app (only 300kb) can keep track of your data usage, both on 3G, EDGE and also on WiFi. Apart from this, it can keep a record of your text messages and it shows you great graphs and calculations on costs.

2. Android Booster FREE

Although this app is not a Traffic Monitor like the others featured in this list, it deserves its position due to the array of features it presents. Its users get a pretty decent and accurate data monitor, but alongside it, they have a great task manager, battery manager and app manager. This all in one toolbox is a must have for any respectable Android user.

1. Traffic Monitor

I used this app for over a year now and I can say I am most pleased with it. It accurately informs me of the data traffic my phone has made and WiFi traffic also. Apart from this, it can test my Internet speed and tell me what apps consume the most traffic. It’s very easy to read and it gives you a complete set of information. Thumbs up! Now, armed with these tools, you can avoid those hefty data bills and enjoy your Android smartphone to its full capacity, without the hustle of having to stay offline due to data traffic limits. Cheers!