Top 10 Best Crowdfunding sites for Fundraising

So below are the some of the best sites that you will surely love to use as the most useful sites for fundraising :

#1 Kickstarter

On this site the donation based funds are raised for the creative projects like an art installation, a cool watch, pre-selling music album etc. These funds are not used for business purposes, charities or any personal financial needs.

#2 Indiegogo

This is the different type of Fundraising site in which the funds are raised but can be raised for mostly any purpose and not for a particular one. These purposes can be music, personal financial needs, charities and whatever else you can think of. This site is here on this list among best fundraising sites because it has started earlier in this branch and has also broad approach to the people around the world.

#3 Crowdfunding

The best platform for raising investments and not rewards, Crowdfunding has the one of the largest and the fastest growing networks of investors. On this site people can donate their share for various purposes and the people who helps to raise the funds are often given rewards.

#4 RocketHub

This platform is based on donation based fundraising for variety of creative projects. This site has some unique features that just helps to connect more and more people for joining the group of some project that on other hand proves beneficial for the fast success of the mission. The features are Fuelpad and Launchpad and by using these features the campaign owners and potential partners connect and collaborate for the success of various projects.

#5 Crowdrise

Here on this site you can donate for charity and causes only and not for any other purpose. You can put your share forward for the help of victims of causes and also for charity purposes. The system always keeps check on the impact that is made by the members of the organisation so as to keep lifting it up.

#6 Somolend

Provide debt based investment on this site for the small buisness purposes of other people. You provide the debt based investment funding to the lenders of qualified businesses.This site has its partnerships with banks so as to provide loans and it also helps small businesses to grow up.

#7 Appbackr

This particular site provides donations to the people who are working to build their own new type of app and need some help to take their work going on towards success. If you are building your own app and need some financial help then you should check out appbackr.

#8 AngelList

If you are working to build some tech creativity and are stuck in the middle of the work or you have not yet started the project because of some financial problems, then you should check the AngelList because it can seriously provide you the great help for the success of your project. This site uses fundraising so as to help you raise your projects.

#9 Investedin

What if you want to make your own fundraising site so that you can also help support someone? Here is the answer, the only thing that you need is to check the site. On this site you will get all the required tools for building you own donation based Fundraising website.

#10 Quirky

Place your innovation in front of the world through this site and you can raise funds for making it into reality or you can say just justify your inventions to the world and ask the world for donating for the project based on that invention. The site will try the best for helping you collect the required money for your project. You can check these sites when you are working on any project or going to make some project but due to financial problems you are stuck within. These sites will help you to raise funds for your project. Some of the sites do raise donations online so that they can help the mankind and they use the donations for the charity purposes. You can also donate on these sites if you want to help for the success of some of the missions that are made for helping purposes.