Best Features That You Will Get In Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Almost all android devices will be receiving this update and read out the all new features that will be there in your android after installing Android 6.0 on your android.

#1 Android Pay

Android pay will be a very cool feature like samsung pay where user will have an extra security while making payments from your android device. The extra security you will get by having fingerprint security in this app that will make you to pay securely from your android device.

#2 Fingerprint Built In Feature

In android 6.0 you will get built in fingerprint feature in your android and with that you can easily secure your android prom any unauthorized access. And also fingerprint login is better than any password and pin login.

#3 App permissions

In android 6.0 there is better app permissions that will provide you better protection from the unauthorized apps in your android. Using permission manager you can easily provides the access of only specific things to the specific apps. And your data will be always be secure with you in your android device.

#4  Auto app data backup

In previous versions of android app data was automatically get cleared when the app got uninstall or device treated to reset. But in android 6.0 there is a auto app data backup feature that will hold all your app data in your android and can be revert back when you install the app back.

#5 Android Marshmallow RAM manager

There is built in RAM manager in this version of android, by using it you can easily manage the RAM usage in your android device easily. And you will not need to install any third party RAM manager in your android as official one from google will be there in your device.

#6 Better Battery And Power Managing

The main thing that is focused in this version of your android is the better battery and power consumption as in the previous versions there were battery bug but hopefully in this version those all will get fix.

#7 Android Marshmallow dark theme

Talking about the looks in android 6.0 you will be having feature like dark theme that will let you to have better experience of using your android better at night using this theme and this will also protect your android from the bright white light of screen.

#8 Rotating home screen

Time to experience something new with this feature that is not currently in any previosu version of your android. Using this feature now you can even rotate your home screen by tilting your android.

#9 Easy Customizable Status Bar

In android marshmallow you can complete customize your status bar according to your wish. You can turn apps there on and off according to your need in your device.

#10 Better File Manager

Google has designed a special file manager for this version of android that is user friendly and easy to maintain all the files stored in your android storage.

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So above is all about Best Features That You Will Get In Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Have a look on all the features that you will be going to get in your android after this update. Share our article with other android users too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.