#10 Loyd Blankenship

Loyd Blankenship was a member of the “Legion of Doom” but he challenged the Masters of Deception in the late 1980’s. He is well known as “The Mentor”, he wrote “The Hacker Manifesto after he was arrested in 1986. He supported hackers and maintained that they only do hacking in order to assure their interest.  

#9 Stephen Wozniak

Surprised to see the Apple’s co founder in this list, initially he was hacker. He bypassed the phone system in order to get free calls while studying at the University of California. After hacking into phone system, he was able to make calls for free. He was even able to talk with Pope Francis and Wozniak said “One time I called the pope, and I said, this is Henry”. After his hacking career, he started working with Steve Jobs to develop Apple Computer.  

#8 Masters of Deception

This group was formed in the 1980’s after some hacker’s joined to form the “Legion of Doom”. It’s primary target was to hack into the networks of big corporations. This hacking group was based in New York and gave their team title MoD (Masters of Deception). AT&T, the telecommunications was the prime target of the group and this group was successful in hacking into the phone network of AT&T. However the members of the team were put behind the bars or sentenced in the year 1992.  

#7 Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo carried out hacking from Internet Cafes, Libraries or coffee shops and was mobile hacker. However, he did it for his own entertainment or to summon anyone. He used to hack into computer system and then notify the admin of the network about the vulnerability in his/her system. He claimed to be an expert by after attaching his name to the database of the “New York Times”. He was also held responsible for leaking government to Wikileaks. He was later arrested in the year 2003.  

#6 Sven Jaschan

The computer’s were badly affected the by the malware’s namely Netsky and Sasser in the year 2004. These malware’s grew quickly in short span of time. Shockingly, the culprit behind these malware’s was a teenager namely Sven Jaschan. He was put behind the bars and later was hired by security company to fight computer viruses.  

#5 David L. Smith

During the initial stage of Internet, discussions on internet was trend. Also, till now topics on sex were among most discussed topics on the internet. David L Smith found that this time is the golden opportunity to spread Mellisa virus. Initially, this virus was spread via email and is the first malware to be successfully transferred via this technique. Experts estimated that this virus caused damages worth $80 Million. He was sentenced and put behind the bars.  

#4 Michael Calce


#3 Robert Tappan Morris

Morris, a graduate student from Cornell University developed the first computer malware. In 1988, he decided to use Ivy League Education in order to test the size of Internet by using Morris Worm. However, this worm affected over 6,000 UNIX devices and caused damages worth millions of dollars. He was later arrested and fined. He is now the the professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

#2 Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen carried out shocking hack by hacking into phone lines of a radio station that permitted him to be the 102nd caller to win the Porsche and he later won it. He also hacked into phone system on order to reactivate the old numbers. He managed to hack into the federal investigation database. He was also wanted by American intelligence Agency, FBI. He also appeared on the TV Show “Unsolved Mysteries”. He was later arrested and then released. Currently, he is the Senior Editor of Wired News.  

#1 Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick hates of being called a hacker. He claimed to be a social engineer. He has also hacked into systems of Motorola, Nokia and Fujitsu. Later, he was put behind the bars in 1995 and imprisoned for 5 years. He is now security consultant.   So, this is all about the hackers who made history. Even Bill Gates claimed that he hacked his school computers to meet girls. However, we don’t have sufficient details to include him in this list. We hope that you loved this list, feel free to share it!