Smartphone apps legacy has taken over to the next level. Now even the most extreme apps are available for these portable supercomputers. People are turning over to the iOS platform for gaining the access to most advanced applications, usually, the businessmen tend to have iOS same. The reason is that it has a great number of apps than any other source. Each year numerous apps are launched to the iOS app market from which some are high end performing while others just struggle to make their position. This is hard for any user to locate the best ones out of the crowd of fake stakes, bad apps. To let the users help find the best iOS apps until December of this year, we have written the past while we listed the real best apps as per rankings. Please have a look at the games below.

Top 10 Best iOS 11 Apps 2019

#1 Sweat Deck

Health app at very first on the list. Not only we but even the developers are too working to make you remain fit. You would be able to get the guidance for amazing body exercises that in turn will transform your body into the sleek flexible physique.

#2 PCalc Lite

This is the best calculator app that could ever be found on any of the smartphones. Just give it a try and you shall not uninstall it anyways.

#3 Trips by Lonely Planet

If you are a traveling lover then this is the app you must own. Through this app, you would be able to know the greater experience of other travelers. You could even share your unique experience to some destination and the whole world shall read it! Also Read: 10 Best Android Apps 2019

#4 HouseCraft

This is the app that lets the users create and design the all great house structure in just minutes. For curious users those who are willing to look for an amazing design for their house, this app is the one that would help them.

#5 Google Maps

Undoubtedly the best navigation app ever. Even this app have the contentious yet this has maintained itself to remain in the top ranking for much longer time.

#6 Snapseed

Everyone is almost like to be editing the images. For the people living to modify and craft their images and photos, this stunning app provides the handy solution in a spectacular way.

#7 Lingvistic

This app provides the tons of about the different languages of the world. This app is made for the serious language learners. Hope you understand what this app has to provide! Also Read: 10 Best Android Games 2019


Find the amazing wallpapers and download them to your device conveniently. That’s all about this app. Rest the quality and availability of the wallpapers is innumerable. Give it a try for must!

#9 1Password

Have multiple accounts and find it hard to handle and remember all of those complicated passwords? It is common for everyone so what could be the solution, actually, this app itself is the solution. You have to remember only single password after making configuration of all of the passwords with this app. Get this now for the iPhone because this is the best password management app.

#10 Waze

Infinity being measured by this app as this app have the real configuration for collecting the true data about the whole traffic and the map information throughout the world. Simply install this premiere class navigation app for you and this would be all done, you will never require using any other map service for the convenience ever. This is not the end of the list for the great apps in iOS, still, there would be many best type of apps available. Yet based on the comparative experience and the working of the different apps were concluded this list. Hope that you would find this list to be helpful, all the apps included here might be liked by you. Please share is your views about the post through using the comments section box. We are keen to hear from you on the list of best iPhone apps. Do share this post with others, at last thanks for reading!