Top 10 Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

#1 Waze

If you are a long route driver or just going to a long route to the place that you are not familiar with, then you should check out Waze. The app knows how fast users are traveling on the road and redirects you around traffic mid-trip, ultimately shortening your commute. Waze tells you about the traffic and also alerts you about construction, accidents and red-light cameras that are ahead to you on the route.It can even inform you about police ahead on your route.All these features make it your best companion on your long routes and you shall never feel alone.

#2 Inbox by Gmail

If you want to have control of your Gmail account then you should download Inbox by Gmail app for your iPhone. The app helps you to organise your mailbox based on the types of messages you receive,hence making it easy to quickly locate emails .Information like delivery order updates, pictures, flight statuses, and reservations details can also be viewed in this app and even without opening the message.A great feature that is Snooze lets you set reminder for the particular emails that you want to see later on.At last this app justifies how important gmail is for you and hence it cares about everything in a great manner.

#3 Cash

Cash is an app by Square that helps you to instantly transfer money between friends and even between different banks for free.The app requires everyone involved to be signed up and should have connected their debit cards.After that you can pay your friends back instantly and this can happen by just a few taps on your phone.Sometimes it may take 1-2 working days for the transfer but most of the times the transfer is instant.If you are the one who feels it heavy to carry your money everywhere then you should try this app.

#4 Photoshop Fix

Till now computer was required to access some great Photoshop features to edit the photos.Photoshop Fix is a type of app that brings features of adobe photoshop like world-class retouching and restoration to your iPhone.It also includes liquify, lighten, smooth, heal, and paint.You can also send your photos to your computer for further editing but this can be done if you are a creative cloud user too.Getting all those features one can easily make the photos shine.

#5 Uber or Lyft

If you are looking for any cab out there that is near to you then you can save yourself some time.Just download any of the two apps Uber or Lyft. Both these apps can operate in most major cities and some non major ones also.You can just use these apps to check the pricing of the cabs too.Go and grab this app and it shall help you a lot.

#6 Doorman

Want your package delievered fast and safely then you should download this app as this app will let you do that. Using this app one can keep a check on his package that is to be delievered.When the Doorman representative will receives the package the app will then alert the recipient about its arrival. App users can then schedule the delivery of their packages anytime between 6 pm and midnight.Doorman holds on to the packages up to 30 days in case you’re travelling and not at home.Doorman requires a monthly subscription, with pricing starting at $3.99 per package or $19/month.It could be a great app for secure transfers of the packages so you should go and grab it.

#7 Hotel Tonight

What if you are stuck mid night somewhere and you are far away from your home,you will definately think of finding some hotel but isn’t it very hard to find the one near you.But wait this could be very easy to find the hotel or book the room for you in the nearest hotel,you can do it all through Hotel Tonight app.This app hand-selects each hotel which it works with so as to ensure that you get a great quality and type of luxor that you want.

#8 Spotify

If you love music then this app is definately the one that you should grab at the first. With the purchase of a premium plan, Spotify allows you to listen to your favorite music on your demand whenever and wherever you need it. The app also has a radio option and a sync option too so that you can listen the music when you are offline.This app is the ultimate one for those who love to play up with music.

#9 Swiftkey

Want to write more faster than ever then you should try Swiftkey as this keyboard lets you do that with its amazing swipe to write, prediction etc features.This can also use different themes to make your keyboard look great everytime you want it to be.Just give it a try and you will come to know why it is the best keyboard app for smartphones.

#10 Evernote

It is essentially a virtual notebook that you have with you everywhere and is perfect for downloading whatever you want. It can be used to make notes directly in the app, save images and articles from the web, upload pages from physical notebooks, and track tasks. Evernote can even handle audio files.Everything that you add to it can be searchable after some time hence making it easy to handle any type of file. So above are the 10 Best iPhone Apps for Beginners. Try these apps to fulfill your experience from your iPhone as without these apps your device will look useless to you after some time.There are many apps that are available for iOS but the apps stated above would be enough to make sure that your device is updated always with some cool things.