Top 10+ Best iPhone/iOS 11 Apps 2019

#1 Forest

It sometimes becomes hard to get away and remain away from a smartphone for the even short time. This addition of smartphones is to be treated some ways. The Forest app is a type of game in which you need to not to touch your device until the set time. This plants a virtual tree inside the game, but if you touch the device before the timer ends your tree will be killed. This way you are directed to remain away from the device all forced as a game only.

#2 Airpano City Book

This is a kind of map apps that provide the panoramic images of the selected location spots. You can easily get the whole view of the New York and out feels like you are carrying the whole country in your pocket. This app is priced at about 4-5 dollars per install and there are no in-app purchases!

#3 Brian Eno

Reflection: This app can make your whole free time feel like awesome. You will be able to listen to various albums but in the kind of different way. The phrases will be played in different instances of time rather than the normal playback. The reason that this app contains so many albums with alterations and tweaks, it is priced at about 50 dollars and we believe that it is totally worthy.

#4 Daylight

If you are looking for the app that can provide you with the sunrise and sunset timing accurately with numerous other related details, then just look no further. This app has so many amazing options that you cannot just leave it.

#5 EIk

 This is a currency converter app that you will definitely like among all other such apps. The reason is simple, this app has lot more flexibility and functions which every user might be finding out.

#6 Pocket Casts

This is an extremely feature rich and immensely perfect podcast app for the iOS platform. This premium app is locked with truly useful features that make it work with podcasts a lot more enjoyable.

#7 FLUX by below

 This is the music collection made by the Andrian Belew who has put inside amazing sounds that any user will love to listen. There are thousands of music sounds and no sound would ever get repeated twice probably.

#8 Space by Thix

 Make your own galaxies, planets and the universe from scratch inside this app. Use the space and implement various physics and science inside the created structure to make it flow in your own different way.

#9 iA Writer

The ultimate notepad app for your ios device through which toy can easily craft your own text and customize it in any possible way. There are so many features and options that you will easily get confused on which to use!

#10 Exacto

Transform your images by changing their background easily even on the small screen devices through using Exacto. You will get enormous features and options to help you remove the background out of any kind of images or portraits!

#11 Focus Keeper

During working hours the person can find it difficult to remain focused on tasks. Through some great strategies, this app makes it confirmed that you never lose your focus from the work again!

#12 Isometric

Make any kind of shapes or objects that you can go through using the blocks of cube or rhombus. This is interesting to craft various different objects out of similar to the type of objects being provided! What makes the use of smartphone device more better is the availability of quality apps. By the time the developers of apps are making amazing new inventions of features. You must have the top quality apps installed on the device so that you can enjoy the most out of it. We hope that you will like this article and all those apps provide in the list above. According to our survey and all the best apps that we have found, the list contains every possible best app. Certainly, if you find that there are some apps which we haven’t listed, then just let us know about that apps through the comments box! [su_posts id=”1035″ posts_per_page=”-1″ order=”desc”][su_posts posts_per_page=”-1″ tax_term=”40″ tax_operator=”0″ order=”desc”][/su_posts]