Top 10 Best iPhone/iOS 11 Apps in 2019

#1 1Password

Have multiple accounts and find it hard to handle and remember all of those complicated passwords? It is common for everyone so what could be the solution, actually, this app itself is the solution. You have to remember only single password after making configuration of all of the passwords with this app. Get this now for the iPhone because this is the best password management app.

#2 Lyft

Get the opportunity to get the rides for the different service providers at the lowest prices ever. Install this app and then using it you could be able to find the cheapest and the best cab facility or the traveling assistance for you.

#3 Instapaper or Pocket

Instantly get the details for the news that is in the world right now. In a much better experience check for the best news. Notifications and the feeds could also be set for making the updation for the latest news and sanctions.

#4 Waze

Infinity being measured by this app as this app have the real configuration for collecting the true data about the whole traffic and the map information throughout the world. Simply install this premiere class navigation app for you and this would be all done, you will never require using any other map service for the convenience ever.

#5 Dark Sky

Haven’t got any cool and really interesting weather app for the iPhone till yet then try the Dark Sky. You would be able to get the most accurate weather reports for the area you choose through this app. The amazing part is that this app is marvelous to work with and is also implemented with cool UI. You must not leave this app anyways for your device.

#6 Spotify

Point to any of the music in this whole world that is available just using your smartphone device. Simply log on to the Spotify and search there for the right music you wish to listen and you will get the results for the same. Never miss any of the music, look for the exceptional music too and get some options for the desired category of the music you listen often.

#7 Evernote

Keep note of every one of your important points, things or the information. Put in any kind of media, text or files into your notes so as to save the points. Another thing about this great note making an app is that it is supported by multiple operating systems and you could easily access the synced data over the other devices.

#8 Prisma

Don’t move around the different apps or the tools so as to get the amazing filter effect for your picture. Simply log on to the Prisma and there you shall be able to get the excellent kind of effect for the image that would either be auto-generated.

#9 Swiftkey

This is an excellent keyboard app for the smartphones which is inspiring the OS developers for the features it provides to the users. Simply utilize this app for your device as a keyboard and then you will see how it is different than all of the others. The swipe type feature is the most fluent function of this keyboard that helps to write the words.

#10 PeakFinder

Take the panorama of the environment around you and you shall be able to get the perfect look for the mountains and the hills all around. This one app is focused on the Mountaineers that they could enjoy surveying different regions with the use of smartphones. This is still not the end of the Apps era over the iPhone and there are yet hundreds of months for which we would be supposed to keep on getting the unique and excellent quality apps for the iPhone. Till now these were the apps that have the capability to get into the top list and so we have written about that. Thank you for reading this post we hope that you might have liked this article. Please share your opinions and the suggestions to this post through the comments section below!