Top 10 Best Smartphones to Buy in 2019

#1 Samsung Galaxy S8+/ S8

If anyone has to conclude the overall winner for the best devices maker award in the world then Samsung must be the only participant that could sustain for it now and even in the upcoming years. No matter how tough is the competition by the other manufacturers the Samsung goes on revealing it’s all new devices with excellent qualities such as to bypass them all. This era is of Samsung again as this year this brand have launched the mesmerizing Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ devices, these flagship models are fitted with tons of features, a number of all new hardware options and much more. If it is your choice to go for the Samsung then you would never be wrong!

#2 Apple iPhone X

How could anyone deny the Apple, the intelligent developer of great operating system iOS that is now up to its 11th version? The same OS is implemented inside the pro level hardware that in turn makes the devices commonly known as iPhone. The people those who are finding the professional level quality and the experience then Apple devices are one of the best options to go for. Previously many of the buyers complained about the small screen size of the iPhone devices, and the Apple has actually worked on it, iPhone X is availed with much larger screen size and with surprisingly tons of added features too.

#3 LG G6

There are certain manufacturers those who have well managed to maintain their level in this competitive world where there are numerous mobile device makers. LG is among one of those brands that have maintained its ranking and the image in the world since many years. This year LG has made the G6 Smartphone device, the flagship model that is told to be the best ever device from this manufacturer. If reliability and the durability is what you are looking for then we prefer you to go for this LG device.

#4 Google Pixel XL

The all-new series from the web giant Google, the Pixel devices, these made the immensely great impression in the world. The name was not the reason why these devices got the huge popularity and the user appreciation but the quality software and the amazing hardware was the cause of the same. Google was not new to the manufacturing of the Smartphone devices as from many years it has been providing the users with the extreme devices like Nexus Smartphones. The Google previously used to make the devices with the special collaboration with the residing brands like HTC and LG. Now, this is an independent manufacturer that is all set to wow the whole world, and its flagship model Pixel XL states that all.

#5 Oneplus 5T

The only company in the world that gained the huge growth within just a year Oneplus is all about the excellence taken to the next level. You can always think of getting the top-notch devices from this brand at the much cheaper price tag, and the device would be compatible to compete with any other high priced devices. Oneplus 5T is the flagship device from this manufacturer and you can actually take it as the iPhone x running the Android.

#6 Sony Xperia XZ Premium

The leader of the display tech, that is Sony, have made this 4K display device for the keen lovers who wish to grasp the almost visual quality output. If you are willing to buy a top class device that can exceptionally well play the media then don’t look further as Xperia XZ Premium can do that all. The Sony also excels in the camera quality and features, while the Xperia XZ as a premium device provides the 960fps slow-motion video capture capability.

#7 HTC U11

Feature rich and highly dense hardware of this device is not comparable to any other device. It provides the top-notch hardware including 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. For the geeks willing to buy the hardcore device for gaming purposes, HTC U11 can be the best choice.

#8 Moto Z

An amazing device that is deserving to be listed on the list of Best Android devices. The pure Android experience with ultimate technology of the hardware makes it the best device for the users. Nothing lefts behind as flaws or cons as Moto Z is well built with lots of care. Moto is a brand in itself although it is the flagship models of the Motorola that is a renown manufacturer!

#9 Moto G5/ G5 Plus

Both of these variants from the manufacturer have been really successful devices. The stocks of these devices are being sold at the blazing speeds, the reason is simple and forward, these devices are packed with tons of high-end features yet are available at the rates of the budget device only. You won’t just believe what these devices are providing at such a cheap price. This makes this device to rock into the list of top best smartphone devices this year!

#10 iPhone 8

Big screen iPhone with premium features all available to the users at a great price. We wont say anything more about this device, only one word is good to describe about this smartphone, this is a Apple device! We have crafted this list for best smartphones in 2019, hope that you would have read it all and hence liked it up. We had worked really hard to find and list down the best smartphones all after reviewing lots of devices, yet if you still believe that there should be any other devices to be on the list then you are welcome to state us about those devices. Write about your opinions through the comments section and we would consider your writings. At last thanks for reading this post, do share it with others!