The fastest growing in recent years and has left the best dividends to different companies technology market is undoubtedly that of smartphones, and now the race to see who has the best mobile is not just between Samsung and Apple; many companies are investing heavily in improvements to introduce what will be next year. Here we present the best phones that will be in stores. Also Read: How To Activate Android’s Camera Flash As Incoming Call Notification

10 Best Upcoming Extraordinary Smartphones

1. LG G5

The next high-end device LG is undoubtedly the most has raised expectations among fans of mobile technology. With an elegant design that will not disappoint anyone following the line of the previous releases of the Korean brand. Iris scanner system, a camera colossal own performance, and power of a mobile point technology, which will be accompanied with the best processor of the moment and the last OS Android which is to date a purchase option for the most secure demanding.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7

The success of the Samsung Galaxy series is tremendous and has become the most popular Android mobile world in recent years, to continue the success of the latest models of the brand S7 proposed state power pure. Possible 8 GB of RAM would represent a significant advance in the world of mobile hardware, besides being the first device to use Android 6.0 and 5g technology. There is still much to discover the successor to the successful S6, but Samsung is synonymous with guaranteed. Also Read: How to Launch Favourite Apps From Android Lockscreen

3. Xiaomi Mi 6

If we are talking about a company that has had recent success on a large scale, we automatically refer to Xiaomi, success after success has been the harvest of the Chinese company that goes by more and definitely Mi 6 is its commitment to the future. With a screen UltraHD, art processing technology, and an amazing camera, this device is located high on our list.

4. Apple iPhone 7

While Apple has ceded some ground to Samsung in terms of commercial competition that always exists between two devices more fame and popularity with the iPhone in July the company founded by Steve Jobs seeks to recover everything and get lost leads the smartphone market where it was already a few years ago. We do not know too much about it, but it comes with a powerful processor Apple A10 and a system of e-SIM which means a farewell to the traditional SIM card. Also Read: How To Change Working Of Hardware Buttons In Android

5. OnePlus Three

The OnePlus Three aims to be more than a rumor, its creators said that great ideas are not born of huge marketing campaigns and under this premise comes this mobile that exudes power and innovation. Snapdragon 820, 6GB of RAM, rear and front camera, 1 megapixel 21 respectively, all this magic happens under the tutelage of Oxygen OS exclusive to the company.

6. Oppo Find 9

Brand China Manufactured and introduced the successor to the Oppo Find 7 and its proposal has not left anyone indifferent. A QHD screen technology added last significant processing speed (Snapdragon 810 plus 4 GB of RAM) does need to be considered as one of the phones to take into account all types of users. Also Read: How To Install Xposed Framework In Android

7. Nokia Lumia 940

One of the greatest phones that are planned for the coming year with a quality screen HD 1440 x 2560 dazzling. Besides power does not lack, processor 8-core, 3GB of RAM and a powerful camera of 20 megapixels make a mobile with a perfect combination of power and design, all under the Windows 10 operating system for mobile which was recently launched.

8. Sony Xperia Z6

The Z6 super thin is expected to hit in recent times in stores, and the arguments have to succeed with a powerful 27-megapixel camera that achieves a resolution of 4K, added to an 8-core processor and 4 GB of RAM returning to this device one of the strongest markets. Its price is unknown, but rumors place him between $ 550 and $ 700. Also Read: How To Automatically Save Snapchat Images In Android

9. Nokia C1

Nokia’s bet for next year is a powerful and compact device that has a very attractive design. 2GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, and a powerful 8-megapixel camera liking, at an attractive price of about $ 300 suggests that this device can be one of the blockbusters.

10. Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini

The economic and more compact version of the successful Galaxy S6 hit the US at the end of the year. It brings together the best features that made the S6 a bestseller. Your HD screen and powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 makes it a great alternative to enjoy Samsung innovation available to all.