Guest Post by Melissa. Do you have a special geek/nerd in your life? True to holiday tradition, you either show someone that you care by spending time with them, or you get them something nice. And let’s be honest, nerds tend to be so introverted they will appreciate nice things more than time spent. So, let’s take a look at some of the best gifts you can give your favorite geek this year. 10. 8-bit Dynamic Life Shirt

This shirt has a group of hearts on it, similar to the character Link in Zelda games. When this shirt is near another shirt, the hearts turn red (indicating that you’re healthy), but if you get further away than cuddling distance, your heart meter drops. It’s cute in a decidedly nerdy way. 9. 4 GB Flash Drive Cuff Links

If you need to transport some information Jason Bourne style, these cuff links are for you. Not only are they stylish, they also hold two gigabytes of classified (or completely innocuous) data per link. It’s truly snazzy and functional. 8. Shomer-Tec Sap Cap

This looks like just an ordinary hat. But inside the back is a secret pouch filled with ball bearings. If you’ve ever had the desire to knock someone unconscious with nothing more than a hit from your hat (a hat hit, if you will), this is your pony. 7. Teak Mat

Got a surfer geek on your list? This teak mat has the feeling of having your own deck–or the deck of a ship or even a boardwalk–to stand on while you change into or out of your wet suit. If you want to know the best reason for this lovely little piece of technology, consider the fact that sand washes off very easily and falls back to the ground through the mat’s openings. 6. Finis Swimsense

If you have a geek on your list who loves a good workout in the pool, this is the gift for them. It can actually recognize different strokes, and can record all of the pertinent information such as laps, distance, strokes and calories burned. Plus, your favorite swimmer nerd can also upload them to his or her computer; no doubt to be the stuff of bragging rights on some forums. 5. Star Wars Super Deluxe At-At

This is a pretty posh, geek approved toy that goes beyond toying. Imagine this adorning a place of honor on your favorite geek’s collection shelf. Imagine them playing with it and getting into the action with the authentic lights and sounds. Then imagine how embarrassed they’ll be when you catch them doing this! 4. Playstation Move Sub machine Controller

This is a toy gun for grown people who never quite grew out of childhood play. And while this may sound a little silly, just imagine the statement you’re making for world peace. When you consider that if we all just pointed fake guns at each other instead of real ones, who would need all those annoying bullets? 3. Valentine One Radar and Laser Detector

Do you feel like gunning it down the road, but don’t really feel like getting a ticket for doing so? How about your favorite geek? Hey, everyone has a thrill seeking side to them somewhere. Just remember that it’s only speeding if you get caught doing it. With this lovely device, that will no longer be a problem. 2. LBO Light Touch

Who needs a keyboard these days? But then again, maybe your favorite geek isn’t into the tiny excuses for keyboards found on most devices, and maybe voice command isn’t their thing. No problem! With the Light Touch, a small projector puts a working keyboard onto any flat surface. It actually uses an infrared detector to interpret the typing actions, so your favorite geek can type away on pretty much anything. Imagine how much they’ll impress people when they whip this out of their pocket.

  1. AR Drone

This is a very sweet piece of hardware. It’s somewhere between the ultimate spy tool (with its on-board cameras and operation via iPhone/iPad) and the ultimate toy (it flies on command). Give this to your favorite geek, and they won’t care if it’s ten below. Just make sure they’re bundled up outside. Life just keeps on getting better for geeks. While they might not all be guaranteed millionaires overnight anymore, they still have tons of great toys to mess with. And you have plenty of gifts to give. This is a guest post from Melissa from Reevoo who are an independent review and price comparison website based in the UK. You can also share the tips with our readers by guest posting for us.