Dropbox is not limited to basic actions and those who come to know it, and know it well, can discover some awesome things about it. One of them is that it can be equipped with different add-ons which help users to do a lot of stuff, such as to automatically back up their files on the cloud, host a website, send email attachments, write forms and much, much more.Well, in the following lines we’ve gathered some of those best add-ons or Dropbox apps, as we like to call it, that can help users get the most out of this cloud-based platform.

Best 10 Dropbox Applications

Dropbox is a famous cloud based service which allows users uploading their digital files (documents, photos, audios or videos) on their cloud and accessing them whenever they want from anywhere. It became the most popular program in a short space of time and nowadays it’s used by almost 150 million users. In addition, it’s a service which comes with synchronization capabilities and much more.


JotForm is a nice application that simplifies your paperwork by creating an online form for people to fill out, that is saved automatically on DropBox. Using this service doesn’t involve special knowledge of programming or web design, because it was designed to be simple and easy to use. The form is fully customizable and every user can make it to his liking by adding, removing fields, choosing from a gallery of templates and even create new ones. After the form is finished, there is only one step more in order to embed it to your website: just copy the source code and paste it and that’s it. When the first user completes the form, the app automatically creates a JotForm folder in your Dropbox where the following forms will be saved too. The application has 4 different account types that have prices between free – $49.95, depending on the number of features available, such as the number of forms, space available or monthly submissions.

URL Droplet

URL Droplet is a tiny application that can do so much for every user. Practically, it permits users to add an URL and download the content in the main folder of Dropbox. This can do wonders for you when you are at work or in traffic and you remember that you forgot to download an important file which has a large size. In this situation, access URL Droplet from your phone and start your download which will finish until you will get home. That’s nice, isn’t it? Also, it’s available for free, but the size of the download doesn’t have to be more than 30 MB. In addition, there are two other options for making an account, Basic and Unlimited which for $4 or $10 monthly offer downloads of maximum 100 MB or unlimited sizes.

Send to Dropbox

This application, Send to Dropbox, represents a good and easy way to send files to your Dropbox account. How to do it? It’s very simple, just connect the app to your account and it will offer a unique email address, especially made for your Dropbox account. As soon as an email is received, it will be filtered to see if it has attachments and it will save them in the attachments folder from the DropBox account. Furthermore, it has other features to come into someone’s help, like folder organization, email whitelists and more. On top of everything, you can enjoy this service for free, so start sending files to your personal cloud by downloading this useful application.


Attachemts.me is a browser add-on, which allows users saving their Gmail attachments to their Dropbox account. The application is very easy to use because it implements directly in your Gmail account the option to save the files to your cloud service. It permits to set rules for incoming emails, such as the mode to share it, expiration dates for links or to secure files. If this application is on your liking, it’s good to know that the service has three different plans: Free, Organizer ($6 per month) and Unlimited ($9 monthly).


Although Dropbox and other cloud services are very thorough when it’s about security, it’s better to take cautions when uploading personal and important files on such services. Safebox is a tool which encrypts your files before uploading them to Dropbox in order to make your files harder to hack. Every file is encrypted with a Safebox-generated key or with a key provided by you. The file will be uploaded to a folder called Safebox in Dropbox which cannot be opened without the encryption key. Also, it offers the possibility to share encrypted folders and a password reminder so that you will not have to remember complex passwords. The application is available for Mac and Windows computers and it can be bought for only $0.99 from the official site.


With TextDropApp one can simply create text files that will be automatically saved on their Dropbox account. It’s suitable not only for programmers, but it’s also good for writers which are always on the move. Furthermore, being able to connect with Dropbox means that it will be also able to sync the files between all computers and devices. The bad thing about this program though is that it only works with the Chrome browser. Also, it cannot edit older formatted documents, but nonetheless if you are searching for a quick tool to write your drafts and save them directly to your Dropbox account, this is the application for you. It is available only with a subscription fee which is $26.70 a year having the possibility for a full refund in the first 7 days if you are not pleased with its capabilities.


DropTun.es is a great way to stream your favorite music hosted on Dropbox through Internet via an iOS device or browser. This is not all, because the application permits users to add tracks to their playlist or even to browse through all their personal cloud when the music is playing. At this moment it supports only the mp3, m4a and wav formats. Through the very clean and simple-to-use interface the music is streamed either with flash or HTML5. All in all, this little application represents a very good alternative to other cloud music streaming services. The application is available as a web application or as an application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for a price of $0.99.


GimmeBar is an especially designed web application which allows users saving various items from the Internet. It could easily transform folders from your Dropbox into collections of favorites, wishlists, inspirational stuff and so forth. Also, you will be able to make these lists public and share them with family members, co-workers or friends. The GimmeBar downloads can be accessed from any device which has a compatible DropBox application. Furthermore, users can discover new things with GimmeBar by browsing through other users’ public stuff. If you are interested, just go to their site and log on with your Twitter account and start making lists.


To start creating different automation with Dropbox go to IFTTT (if this then that) and create a simple account. This site is a service responsible for creating connections between different social accounts and online data. It has a basic rule which is known as a “recipe” that is composed from a trigger (“if this”) and an action (“then that”). Besides creating your own recipes, you are also able to choose from a vast list of default recipes, such as every time when you are tagged in a Facebook photo, it will be sent and saved on Dropbox. Also, it has recipes with other sites, like Gmail, Instagram, Flickr and more, in order to create relations between them and directly save content to Dropbox. With IFTTT you can create “recipes” for other popular sites too, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Evernote, if you recall.

Site 44

Are you searching to start a personal website? It was never simpler to do this, because Site 44 transforms DropBox folders into websites. Yes, you heard well, this is a brilliant and very simple way to host a website and the synchronization feature is stunningly fast. All you have to do is to sign in and link the Site 44 application to your Dropbox account, pick up a name for your website (the site44.com domain is free) and a folder with the name of your new website will appear in your Dropbox account. Modify the contents of the folder acting with your preferences and the changes will be instant.