Unsurprisingly, it appears things aren’t getting any better with the social media giant. Just this week, Facebook was caught sharing your private data with developers — again! Read our article here to find out what happened. The shenanigans don’t stop there. Facebook is considered by some to be ground zero for fake news, and with the next presidential election right around the corner, deception is running wild. We’ll tell you the top 10 fake news stories of 2019 that have been making the rounds.

No, a ban on motorcycles has not been proposed

Facebook has long been accused of not acting quickly enough to remove fake accounts peddling fake news or offensive posts from its site. To show the social media giant is taking these accusations seriously, Facebook says it removed a record 2.2 billion fake accounts in the first quarter of this year. Tap or click here for details on the fake account removals. Obviously, Zuckerberg’s efforts aren’t enough. According to non-profit organization Avaaz, in 2019 alone, the top 100 fake news stories found on Facebook have been viewed a whopping 150 million times. Odds are, you’ve probably seen some of these false stories on your News Feed. Do you know how to spot a fake? Tap or click here to take a test to see if you can. Now that you know how to spot fake news, let’s take a look at the 10 most viewed fake stories from 2019 that have been spreading on Facebook, according to Avaaz.

Most viewed fake news stories on Facebook this year

Fair warning: We don’t tend to get into the political field here at Komando.com, but most of the fake news stories on this list deal with politics. That said, here’s the list, some of which are just memes with inaccurate information, while others are actual articles with misleading news: 10. Joe Biden calls Trump supporters “dregs of society.” 9. NYC coroner who declared the death of Jeffrey Epstein a suicide made half a million dollars a year working for the Clinton Foundation until 2015. 8. A meme with comedian Tim Allen that claims, “President Trump’s wall costs less than the Obamacare website. Let that sink in, America.” 7. Dems vote to enhance Med Care for illegals now, vote down vets waiting 10 years for same service. 6. Breaking: Nancy Pelosi’s son was exec at gas company that did business in Ukraine. 5. Ilhan Omar holding secret fundraisers with Islamic groups tied to terror. 4. Trump is now trying to get Mike Pence impeached. 3. Ocasio-Cortez proposes a nationwide motorcycle ban. 2. Pelosi diverts $2.4 billion from Social Security to cover impeachment costs.

  1. Trump’s grandfather was a pimp and tax evader, his father a member of the KKK. As you can see, most of these fake news articles are pretty out there and have the potential to generate aggressive opinions. All of the stories on this list have been debunked, so if you happen to see any of them posted on Facebook, remember they’re not real.