Top 10 Fitness Apps for Android

If you are the techno savvy type, then a Smart Watch would be a great addition in your quest for the perfect body. Some can connect wirelessly to your Android smartphone and keep track of your performance. But you can do this only with your trusty smartphone, without the need of any other gadget, but with great fitness apps.

10. WeightPad

What better way to start a diet than with a app that can keep track of your weight in real time. The simplicity of the app is its biggest advantage. It shows you a simple line graph of your weight for the duration of your diet and it calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index). It’s very simple to add data to your graph and to keep track of past changes. All you need to know from your diet in one simple app.

9. Diet & Calorie Tracker

A great Android fitness app that has all your useful information. It can tell you how many calories you have eaten and how many you have burned and a complete meal plan for the entire day. Diet & Calorie Tracker can give you all the information you need about any product, and you can also set your exercise level and it will give you a graph of your calories. It even features a barcode scanner to get useful information on the products you eat.

8. JogTracker Pro

You can think this app would be a great Android GPS Game, and if that works for your workout, then please do. But this is more than just fancy map. It can tell you how fast you are going, what distance you have done and how many calories you have burned. All of these without having to look at your screen. JogTracker can voice prompt you with useful information and it can also upload it to Facebook if you want to race your friends. But the best thing about it is that it can keep a record of your daily workout.

7. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

This great app can do just about anything a personal Android trainer can do. It can keep track of your weight, of how many calories you’ve eaten and burned and a detailed record of your exercises. Also, it features a barcode scanner for you to input your favorite foods and drinks and a diary to keep track of everything you do. With the help of this app you can see your calories being burned away.

6. Nike BOOM

Get your personal Android trainer in your pocket everywhere you go! Nike BOOM can automatically sync your music to your dynamic workout and motivate you with the help of some of the world’s most renowned athletes and coaches. Your workout will never be so intense as with Nike BOOM. Just plug your earphones and get running!

5. Absolute Fitness

Absolute Fitness is probably one of the most complete fitness apps out there. It can track your calories (burned and eaten), your vital signs and your exercises on daily basis so you get a complete report on how your body is. Also, it has information about the nutritional value of many products from its vast library, and the possibility to manually add more and create custom meal plans. Also, you can export the data in HTML format to give it to your nutritionist or hang it on the wall to let your friends see how much weight you’ve lost.

4. Pocket Yoga

The Yoga instructor everyone needs, right on your Android smartphone. Pocket Yoga can guide you through 27 different sessions including voice instructions and 145 beautiful illustrations of poses you can try. Also, it allows you to play music from your Music Library and you can keep a record of what exercises you have done. You have the possibility to select difficulty and the simple interface allows you get started right away.

3. Instant Heart Rate – Pro

One of the most reliable Heart Rate Monitor you could ever have, right in your pocket. Instant Heart Rate is a great app that can keep track of your vitals and give you a great history you can show to your doctor at your next checkup. This award winning tool has a great accuracy and it’s very simple to use, just place your finger on your phone’s camera and let it measure your heart rate. It’s like having your private nurse in your pocket.

2. CardioTrainer

The complete workout app! CardioTrainer allows you to keep track of your exercises (jogging, walking, cycling and just about any other), it features a heart rate monitor and it can connect with your Google contacts to sync your times with theirs in order to motivate you to get better and better. The app also features a music player and a voice trainer for better motivation.

1. SportyPal Pro

SportyPal Pro has some of the best features available for your workout. It can accurately show you all sorts of information, like HR, speed, desired calorie burn, track distance and real time map with GPS. You can set your goal and desired HR and go to work and it will keep you posted via the voice notifications. It can keep track of all your exercises like jogging, cycling, skiing and many other. The amount information and the simple interface it provides that information with make SportyPal one of the best Android fitness apps available. Now you have all the tools you need to get in shape and to have a healthy life. All you need now is your determination and you are well on your way to living over 100 years!