Top 10 iPhone Fitness Apps

I am sure that there’s no top in this world that could cover all the fitness apps that are there for iPhone, iPad or iPod, because there are too many! However, we did our best and found 10 fitness apps that will stick to their promise of keeping you healthy and trained.

10. RunKeeper

RunKeeper resembles one of our iPhone GPS Games. But in fact, it is a great fitness app. It works by keeping track of your runs via GPS, your speed and the distance made. The app is remarkably simple, and that is exactly what you need when on the run. The map has great visibility and the other information is also very well integrated to give you a complete report of your run.

8. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker is one of the most renowned iPhone fitness apps that can track your performance when running, cycling, walking or just about any other sport. The GPS Enabled app allows you to make your tracks and see your improvements over time. You can search for routes, customize or set the app to pause when you are not moving. Also, you have the ability to connect to your Facebook account and share your time with your friends.

7. MiMeals

MiMeals is the complete meal planner. It’s a simple to use tool that allows you plan your meals for every weekday, complete with favorite foods and planner for every meal of the day. It also provides features for making the perfect meal plan for you. You can also store your favorite foods for easy access when you need it later.

6. iTreadmill

If you are a fan of getting exercises done on a treadmill, in the privacy of your home, what better app that iTreadmill for keeping tabs on your workout that iTreadmill? This app can keep records of your performance and your cardiovascular fitness, your O2 stats and body weight. The best part is that you can keep your data with you wherever you go and by doing so, you can get a complete report, not just for a single workout, but for an extended period of time.

5. FitnessBuilder

FitnessBuilder is one of most complete iPhone fitness apps you will ever find. It contains a massive database of exercises and pictures (758 Hand-Crafted Workouts and over 5,600 Exercise Images & Videos) for you choose from. Also, the app features voice training and a host of other cool features. I highly recommend this app for any enthusiast athlete or for anyone who has the willpower to succeed keeping a diet from FitnessBuilder.

4. iMapMyRIDE

If you are an avid cycler, then iMapMyRide will be right down your alley. This app can keep track of just about any variable: average and max speed, live route map, distance, calories burned, elevation, nutrition and you can keep track of your friends in real time via the live map and activity feed. Also, if you want to purchase an accessory, the app can monitor your stats (heart rate, speed & cadence, power).

3. iFitness

iFitness is a great iPhone personal trainer that helps you keep fit and healthy. The app has an impressive number of exercises and it also features BMI calculator, HD audio Instructor, muscle categorization and detailed information on exercises and many more, such as iCloud Connect, for uploading your information to later compare with your new results. A great app for getting into shape and keeping yourself that way.

3. Fitness Pro

A personal iPhone trainer with over 450 images of exercises and a host of built in routines available on your iPhone is the best way to start any diet. Even if you want to fit in those pants you bought last summer, or you want to live a long and healthy life, Fitness Pro is a must have for anyone who is serious about dieting. You can create your own workouts or routes and share them with your friends, and the app can give you anatomical information about what muscle groups you have to train.

2. Lose It!

Establish your daily calendar, complete with calorie intake, calorie burn and exercise. You can quickly add new foods and exercises to your daily routine and make your custom recipes with nutriment information. Also, Lose It! allows you to connect with friends and it keeps you motivated by awarding medals for your accomplishments and it can notify you when you missed your meals. This is a great app if you plan on starting a diet.

1. Adidas miCoach

Adidas miCoach has a host of features to help you sculpt the body you always dreamed of. It has a full spectrum on workout, both indoors and outdoors and can keep track of your workout and your jogs via the GPS feature that can tell you how fast you are running and determine based on your particular speed, the optimal running program. Also, you have a heart rate monitor to get a full and detailed workout report. And now you’re all set to make the most of your workout and have that body you’ve ever wanted. And to do this, the most important tool is your determination and the second most important is your iPhone equipped with these Fitness Apps.