Top 10 Futuristic Things You can Buy Online

Below are the things that you will surely love to try. We’ve mentioned below their description. So follow the below guide to proceed.

This is the greatest physical skateboard with the inbuilt electric control that lets up the user to move on through the power and not through pushing by the legs. Being such an advanced tech skateboard it isn’t too heavy and it also just measures about 27 inches only. It could gear up the speed up to 15.5 mph with the inside motors, and this is just what is more than enough.

#2 Bixi

This is the gesture control system for the smart devices in your home, just use up some kind of air gesture near this tech gadget and it would help to perform up to the defined task for your smart home system connected to it.


This is a lighter that needs no fuel or the plastic but is made of such material which could be charged through USB and then it would be able to lit up for the whole month on the single charge only. You could not guess about it unless you get up your hands on it.

#4 Taiga Tower

Do you own a garden in your home? Are you always bothered to take care of it, if you then just don’t worry and go for this gadget? It is a smart indoor gardening system that helps to water up the garden and through the LED spectrum makes it the breeze to live.

#5  World’s First Truly Smart Lamp

The lamp which could be controlled through the sensors to emit up to the light of different colors in any particular direction. This could be enough to justify about this amazing lamp.

#6 Suzy Snooze

Amazing innovative sleep companion which helps to provide the children, babies, and the adults their preferred and the required time of rest through its technologies.


This is the future of the connecting cables for the smart devices, charging them fast and easily. Through this, the users could be able to install more than one devices with the USB connections and hence charge them all at the fastest possible speed.

#8 Dusty Brush

This is the advance type of vacuum cleaner attachment which you could either use to clean your hard-to-reach areas too very easily. This would be very beneficial in terms of its usage style although you could also find similar kind of things available which all do not provide that very handy usage control.

#9 Shift

Drone full of technology which you would be only seeing in your dreams, like it, have amazing sensors and amazing camera, speed etc. This is the one which is almost said to be the top notch drone which could be ever found on the planet till the date.

#10 Bonjour

This is a smart alarm clock that is fitted inside with the advanced technology that works to read your whole day behavior and hence notify you the alarm sounds for waking up at the calculated time while you have got up the fullest of your sleep and rest. Just use it up and you would never need to set up the alarm again for your waking routines. These were the futuristic things, have you ever seen such kind of things or ever bought these? No, you won’t have your hands on these things as these are the futuristic things which you might even not be knowing till now most probably. But apart from that now, you got the chance to get these things through online services.