Last week we talked about the Best Android apps for Kids, and as we’ve seen, they can prove to be quite useful tools in our kids development. Learning the alphabet, simple math or sounds is how they prepare to join this world, and with the use of such apps, they benefit from today’s advances in technologies. Our old animal cards are a far cry from today’s iPads and smartphones that use the power of the Internet to give them useful information and make the learning process simpler and much more fun. Apple has already embarked on a quest to help kids learn using their products, and Apple in Education has gotten quite some attention, providing users users with great Learning iOS apps for their kids.

Top 10 iOS apps for Kids

10. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

An array of tools lets your kids learn letters, shapes, items and many more, all with the help of a beautifully designed monkey that helps them along the way. This iOS app is designed for children, so it has a very simple menu and the games flow into each other, so they won’t even realize when one is over and the other begins. Great fun and an excellent learning aid.

9. Kid Art for iPad

Painting has never been this much fun and easy. With lots of great backgrounds and colours, the little ones can now let their imagination run wild and create what ever they want! They can use lots of painting tools to create their masterpieces or use stamps of animals to create more complex scenes.

8. First Words Animals

Learning words at animals at the same time is great for kids. This amazing iOS app for kids lets them see and hear the animals and letters so they can better learn them. The drawings are simple and funny, the sounds have great quality and the kids have lots of fun using this app. A win for everyone!

7. Squiggles!

All kids love to paint and every parent knows this. When the child picks up a crayon and starts personalizing all the walls or all the books. Well, now they can do this without you having to clean up after them. With the help of this great app for kids, they can paint all they want and create fun animated stories, directly on the iPad!

6. Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever

Every child loves dinosaurs. I remember when I was little, I used to buy Dinosaur Bubble Gum and I wanted to become a paleontologist. Well, I grew up, but the love for Dinosaurs has never gone away. This award winning iOS app for kids is truly amazing. With great pictures and plenty of information, your kids will learn a great deal about all the dinosaurs.

5. Handy Manny Workshop on iPad

Puzzles, songs, coloring pages and other cool stuff await kids who use this app. Apart from being fun, they can learn how day to day objects look like and what tool are useful for. With interactive characters and music, this app will keep the little one happy for hours, but it will help him learn a few things also!

4. Toy Story 2 Read-Along

Another one of Disney’s classics brought to the virtual world. Toy Story is one of the best kids movies ever! End can now be enjoyed on the iPad along with games, coloring pages and much more. A great app for kids to play with and learn the story of the greatest toys that ever “lived”. Also, the first and third parts of Toy Story are available on the iTunes store.

3. Dr. Seuss’s ABC

Learning the alphabet has never been easier. With the help of this iOS kid app, your toddler will know all the words inside out! Quality animations, narrated story or cinematic stories are just a few of the great features it has! Recommended for kids 2-6, this app will help them learn the alphabet in no time, and have some fun in the meantime. Related Article: Ted-Ed and Khan Academy Show us the Future of Education

2. Beauty and the Beast: Storybook Deluxe

Beauty and the Beast is one of the classic stories of our time. With the help of this app, our kids can now enjoy this great tale the way we always dreamed of. Interacting with the characters, playing mini-games and listening to the story narrated or record themselves reading it and then playing it back. This Disney classic is a story truly without age, impressing kids across generations.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story

The hero that inspired generations of kids, now available on the iPad in the form of an animated and interactive comic book. Kids can now help Spiderman in his adventures and get a front row seat for the entire adventure. Also, they can listen to the narrated story or read for themselves. The stunning artwork and the great interactive games make this app one of the best iOS apps for kids available on the iTunes Market. Although kids have at their disposal lots of fun iOS kids apps and games for them to enjoy, these are not a substitute for real life interaction and games. Yes, they might learn words, math and have fun, but from a social point of view, they need interaction with other kids so they can develop social skills, which will be very important for them in the future.