Currently, there are many programming languages available to programmers and curious about the “art” of programming. Because of this multiplicity of programming languages and also to various programming environments (Mobile, Desktop, business, etc.), it is common to be asked about the best programming language. So, today we are presenting a list of the TOP 10 most popular programming languages in 2016, according to IEEE. According to the IEEE website, the C programming language is currently the most popular programming language. To mention that in 2014 the first place was occupied by the Java programming language of Sun Microsystems.

Ranking remains to highlight the presence of the powerful Python which exceeded the C++ programming language. The R programming language has been growing and in the 10th position of the list of Top 10 list, there is a new entry, the Go programming language. To prepare this ranking, the information which was used actually taken and examined from the various sources, such as Google Search, Google Trends, Twitter, GitHub, Reddit, etc. In addition to the ranking information, the site also shows which type of platforms are actually supported by each programming language (see type field). This time, the C programming language is on leads, as it supports all platforms (Web, Mobile, Enterprise, Embedded). The programming language C is actually created between 1969-1973 at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie (who died in 2011) and was based on immense in another programming language called B. Many of the characteristics C programming language were based on B. Currently, programming language C is one of the most used programming languages in the world, while it is implemented in most of the operating systems, hence it is like general purpose, which is very flexible. It is widely used for the development of desktop applications, such as the popular graphic editor GIMP. Here is a further list of the popular programming languages:-