Online privacy has started to sound like an oxymoron! Every e-mail (confidential or not) you send is sent as a plain text and if intercepted, it will just be a sitting duck with no protection whatsoever. There are multiple ways to automatically encrypt text messages and emails using some kind of hash functions like MD5, SHA1 etc. Of-course you can setup Outlook for encryption, but it’s very technical and requires lots of other services in order to work correctly. A simple way to encrypt a text message is to use any of the free online tools listed below

Top 10 Online Services to Encrypt Text Messages

  1. Crypo – Crypo has a huge collection of online tools like Hash generator, one pass generator, pass phrase generator etc. For encrypting email messages, you can use AER-256+ or other related tool.
  2. Encrypt Easy – Encrypt and secure your messages online with Blowfish, which is one of the most secured encryption algorithm. Pretty straight-forward to use.
  3. Lock My Stuff – In addition to encryption and decryption of messages, it allows you to store the encrypted text on its server and send the URL.
  4. Crypto – A simple text encryption Java based applet with key, Caesar and Pseudo-CES encryption options.
  5. Webnet77 Blowfish encryption – An alternative to Encrypt-easy tool with not so attractive user interface but equally efficient online service.
  6. Dinofilias – A very simple and easy-to-use online text encryption service.
  7. Infoencrypt – It’s a popular message encryption service with a nice UI and detailed explanation on the features and uses of text encryption.
  8. EnetPlanet – Another nice encryption service with an option to save the encrypted text to a file or choose an encrypted file and decrypt it.
  9. Flexcrypt – quite similar to Infoencrypt.
  10. Lockbin – free online email encryption service which was quite popular when it was introduced but had its own share of problems later on. It is still useful to encrypt the message and mail it directly using the form available. Which one you like and why? Any other service worth including in the list above?