Music, the binding element for many. Without it, our lives would be sad and monotone. Therefore, music has become a multi million dollar industry, with hundreds of songs arriving every year and new artists trying to make their mark on history all the time. With virtually hundreds of genres of music, it’s not hard to see that the need for searching and keeping our favorite tunes is very important. First we had vinyls, cassettes, CDs and nowadays DVDs and music players. But all of these require us to have storage for them, and after a while, we get bored with the same songs over and over again. The radio, invented over 100 years ago and perfected over the time, now is one of the best ways to listen to music. The place where you can hear the latest hits and never get bored with the same songs over and over again. The arrival of the Internet has also contributed to spread of the radio in the last years. Although, Internet Radio is not the same thing and does not operate in the same way, it’s still a great way to listen to music and it gives you the liberty to use your smartphone or computer and turn in into your very own beatbox. Modern day Jewels like the Samsung Galaxy S III or the iPhone 4S offer great audio quality, and with a sturdy connection to the Internet, you can enjoy thousands of Internet Radio channels, find your favorite radio channels or search for your favorite music.

Top 5 Radio Apps for Android

5. Jango Radio

Jango takes Internet Radio back to the basics. It allows you to search for stations by your favorite genres or you can create your personalized station with only your favorite artists. The app is very simple to use and you can be up and listening in no time! A great app for those who want to listen only to their favorite artists.

4. Stitcher Radio – News & Talk

If you like listening to the latest news over the radio, then there is no better way to do so than with the help of Stitcher Radio. This app allows you to browse through 10000 Internet radio stations and create your very own list with your favorite radio programs. Stitch your own station with programs from all the stations available so you can enjoy the ultimate radio experience.

3. XiiaLive™ Lite – Online Radio

Listening to Internet radio has never been better. XiiaLive gives you the possibility to listen to over 40000 Internet radio stations and also create your custom lists and preferences or shortcuts to your favorite stations directly on your home screen. Another cool feature of this awesome player is the sleep timer, that lets you tell it when to stop playing and it features a fade option for a nice transition.

2. Pandora® internet radio

Pandora is, in my opinion, one of the best Android Radio apps out there. It creates a personalized list of tracks, based on your favorite artists or songs, or even Internet stand up comedy. All you have to do is input your favorites and it will automatically render a playlist based on your preferences! Great app!

1. TuneIn Radio

Probably the best Android radio app I have ever tried! Fire up the app and it automatically gives you a list of your local radios, also, you can sort the stations by Music, News, Sports or Talk. The sound quality is awesome and it doesn’t take your time with endless configurations. I absolutely love it and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good radio app! Top Notch!

Top 5 Radio Apps for iOS

5. Tuner Internet Radio

Because simple is better, Tuner Internet Radio manages to impress with its simple and intuitive look. But do not be fooled by this, it still packs quite a bunch: full multitasking support, for listening to your favorite music channel while using other apps, the ability to stream music to others over the Internet and you can chose from its over 500 Internet Radio stations the one that suits you the most and enjoy the OpenGL visualization. Simply great!

4. allRadio

With its new and stunning interface and packed full with great features, this old school app (and by old school I mean it’s one of the oldest apps on the iTunes market) has gotten a complete makeover. It features a full screen digital alarm clock and plenty of customizable lists for its users to enjoy. Also, you now have access to over 8000 Internet Radio stations worldwide!


As we’ve seen, Internet Radio Apps put a lot of work into personalizing our radio stations, letting us create custom playlists and so on. But goes one step beyond and creates a social network, where we can share music with our firiends and create custom lists and events. is also available in Canonical’s Web Apps for Ubuntu.

2. AOL Radio

Enjoy over 200 radio stations of non stop music, as well as news and sports with high quality audio, all in one app AOL Radio. Filter your favorite genres of music and enjoy them with very few commercial interruptions, as opposed to many other iOS radio stations. Also, you can bookmark songs or ban songs from your playlist, making the experience even better.

1. Pandora Radio

We see Pandora Radio for iOS once again in our top. This time, Pandora addresses iOS users and it gives them all the goodies that Android users have. With fully personalized lists of tracks and artists, it seems that Pandora Radio is a top notch app with great features that can satisfy anyone! Now you can enjoy your favorite beats everywhere you go. All you need now is a sturdy set of headphones and you are all set. Keep in mind though, some of these apps might consume more data traffic than you expected, so keep an eye out on your data plan, or get a reliable data tracker either for Android or for iOS.