Top 10 Reasons to Switch from Windows to Linux

So below i have listed some of the best feature or say reasons that will force you to switch from the traditional Windows OS to the very cool and best OS that is Linux.

#1 Customization

The way both the operating systems provide you the control over customization of various features is also very different.Here the reason to shift from Windows to Linux is that linux provide you the great control over its looks.You can change the entire theme of Linux OS other than to be stuck on just single type of look like that in Windows.

#2 Open Source

Most of the Linux distributions are made by open source technologies but Windows OS isn’t available like that.Being open source means that making changes to the software is legally allowed by the distributer.Windows is not open source that means that making changes to the platform is not possible unless the developer does that by its own.

#3 Privacy

Every OS provides you with some security features or privacy feature in which your details are regarded as your property and it is taken care by the systems privacy settings.Linux provides great privacy regard to your details while the Windows take it much easier.

#4 No Force to Participate

There are many software that are pre-installed on the Windows that are made by the developer only and because of that you has to participate or make your accounts on that particular software when you install windows on your hardware.But you will never be forced to participate in any such program when you are using Linux OS.

#5 Performing on Low Hardware

Windows is a very heavy operating system that requires your hardware to have great strength so as to run smoothly and perfectly.Linux being able to run even on the lowest configuration is best for low end devices.Linux can run perfectly even on 128 mb of available RAM.

#6 Better Security

One of the huge strength of Linux operating system is that your device’s security is taken very seriously.Like you has to preferably fill up the password before installing any new software on Linux.Every package that you get for Linux OS is verified by the developer so as to prevent any malicious content.In windows you wont get these many features that will make your device so much secure.

#7 Free Programs

What if you shall get much more free stuff on your OS and you have never to worry about the payments of great software.Linux provides you with great free software and most software are available free of cost on this OS as it is an open source based platform.

#8 Free for Life-Time

Unless like Windows,Linux is available free of cost for lifetime and you shall never has to pay for the operating system if you have this one installed on your computer.This could be great deal as you can use it for very long time without worrying about subscribing.

#9 Drivers

It could be very hard for you to find suitable drivers for your system on Windows as it needs to be installed everytime you attach some new hardware or get some new software that requires drivers.Here on the Linux platform you dont need to do so as its kernal supports most of the drivers directly and you dont has to worry anymore about drivers next time if you are using Linux.

#10 Gaming

Running games on Linux is much easy task than to do the same on Windows.Although linux does not has that much variety of games available but many great games that are there runs very smoothly on this OS. So above are the 10 Reasons to Switch from Windows to Linux. Keeping in mind all that features that Linux has to offer over Windows platform you should definately have to give a try on this platform. Although this platform is not that popular as windows but you will definately find it great for your hardware and you will also enjoy it.