Most of the new features in Adobe CS5 involve Photoshop, but features such as 64 bit compatibility, GPU acceleration, and multi GPU support are available across the software suite. The Adobe CS5 comprises of Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, Flash CS5, Dreamweaver CS5, After Effects CS5, Premiere Pro CS5 and Flash Catalyst CS5. Here are our top 10 stunning features of Adobe creative suite 5.

Top 10 Features of Adobe CS5

  1. Photoshop Content-Aware Fill

Possibly the most popular and hyped up feature of the latest release of Adobe Photoshop. When you cut objects out, Photoshop can automatically fill resulting space with surrounding scenery or patterns. Check out the demo video.

  1. Puppet Warp

The puppet-warp tool is an amazing feature which delivers totally controllable warping effects, and yeah, we can’t find a similar feature in any of the competing software yet.

  1. Easier Complex Selections

Accurately selecting delicate areas of an image is a tough ask. CS5 brings new functionality to let you easily select these intricate image elements. You can eliminate background color around your selection edges, and use a set of refinement tools to ensure an accurate selection.

  1. Variable-width strokes Illustrator strokes needn’t have uniform width thanks to this new feature. Vary stroke thickness with strategically placed width points. You can quickly change a stroke’s appearance, making it skinnier or wider than the stroke’s original point size.

  2. Flash Catalyst An alternate development framework for Flash designers, Flash Catalyst is included with CS5. This is intended for graphic art design and is intended to function similar to Microsoft’s Expression Studio. You can now preserve your layers and graphics information upon export.

  3. Repoussé

Repousse is a new tool with interesting implications. It allows users to extrude 2D objects like type and shapes into a third dimension. While it’s no substitute for a fully featured 3D-modeling program, it’s really cool when used with text for quick 3D logo treatments.

  1. New Paint Engine The new paint engine imitates how paint brushes work in real life, with smudging, smearing, and all sorts of other realistic side effects. This allows digital painters’ job easier about making their work look realistic.
  2. Threaded Text in Flash Threaded text allows users to have their text content span across various containers. Each container can also have its own column mode, organizing its chunk of the text into 2- or 3-column pieces.
  3. Arrowheads and dashes in Illustrator This new functionality in Illustrator CS5 promises to simplify the often-fidgety task of aligning arrowheads and dashes, especially at corners.
  4. Advance Digital Image Handling Camera Raw 6 minimizes noise in high ISO images, while automatic lens correction quickly puts right lens aberration wrongs. Camera Raw works with any file, from JPEG to RAW, so there are unlimited possibilities in creative use of the new processing features.