One of our listeners recently checked in to ask which Google Home accessories would be best for a first-time smart home setup. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve picked our favorites that can automate your house and make your life easier.

Setting up a smart home the Google way

Recently, Kim received a question from listener Jay from Aurora, Colorado. He’s moving to a new home outfitted with a Google Nest Hub and wanted to know what smart home accessories are best for controlling the garage, temperature, lights and security cameras. The Google Nest Hub, on sale for a newly reduced price of $90, down from $130, is a smart touchscreen you can use to look at pictures, watch videos, browse recipes, control your smart home and more. Google Nest Hub is compatible with several smart home accessories, but Jay and his family are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options to choose from. That’s why we’re picking our top 10 favorites to help Jay and other readers get started. You won’t believe what your home is capable of with these accessories installed.

Google Nest Thermostat lets you turn up the heat with your voice

The Google Nest Thermostat is automatically compatible with your Google Nest Hub and the Google Home app. You can adjust the temperature using the app or your voice, and most utility companies offer rebates on the equipment. A good way to save energy and make your environment more comfortable. Promising review: “This new version of the Nest thermostat is as good as the old one, but it is much affordable now. I have the old Gen 3 version, which costs over $200, and this is almost half of the price with all the functions.”

Set ambient lighting moods with these Phillips smart bulbs

Phillips smart bulbs are a smart home upgrade you can’t ignore thanks to their brilliant range of colors and intensity. You can adjust the colors on your phone or set ambient light scenes that you can use repeatedly. The bulbs are also LED, which means they’re more energy-efficient for your home. Promising review: “I don’t know how I went through life not knowing to switch to these types of lights. Phillips Hue is the greatest invention ever! It was extremely easy to install, and it runs on Bluetooth instead of WiFi. If your WiFi gets cut off for whatever reason, you’ll still be able to turn on your lights.”

Turn any outlet into a smart outlet with the Kasa SmartPlug

Ever wish you had a remote for your entire house? App-controlled smart plugs can make this dream a high-tech reality. These smart plugs from Kasa are an affordable way to turn your place into a smart home. They’re also designed to work with Google Home Assistant right out of the box. Promising review: “After having difficulty with different brands of smart plugs in the past, I was wary about buying new ones online again, but I decided to trust the great reviews this product had. I’m so glad I did! The setup literally took minutes, and was so easy.”

Check who’s at the door with the Arlo video doorbell

The Arlo video doorbell lets you peek at what’s going on outside right from your Google Nest Hub. You’ll also have access to your camera feed through your phone, and the doorbell’s motion sensors can alert you of guests or package deliveries as soon as they arrive.

The Roomba S9+ is the smart way to keep your home tidy

iRobot’s Roomba vacuums are some of the best-selling household robots in the world. The S9+ is a premium model, and it more than makes up for its price tag with features like automatic cleaning and emptying. Roomba can charge itself once its battery runs low, and you can start a routine with your voice through Google Assistant.

A smart garage door opener that works with Google Home

The Tailwind iQ3 features a hardwired door sensor and Bluetooth technology to prevent false alerts and geofencing issues. It works with your vehicle’s Bluetooth ID, so if you pull up in a compatible car, the sensor will know you’ve arrived. Promising review: “By far the best Wi-Fi remote solution available on the market. Check reviews from competitive solutions which fall out of calibration and tell you the garage door is closed when it’s actually open. This can’t happen with Tailwind as it uses a track-mounted magnet sensor to guarantee accuracy.”

This smart garage door opener lets you use your voice

If you’d prefer to open your garage door by voice, the iSmartGate Pro is an excellent option. It works with Google Home right out of the box and can connect with your existing wireless camera setup for extra security. Promising review: “I’ve been having my iSmartGate Pro for a week now and I love it! Not only can I control my garage door using my iPhone, but I can also ask Siri to open it for me. No more remote door clicker. With the pro version, I’m able to connect to three units. How cool is that?!”

Use your phone to unlock your door with this smart lock

Tired of using a key to unlock your door? This smart lock from Yale works with Google Assistant and features a digital keypad that you can use for unlocking. Google Assistant can now open your door by voice, and guests can use the keypad with a code you share with them. Promising review: “This set is really incredible because it comes with the August Connect Hub and the August Module that fits within the lock itself. This set will allow for Bluetooth and WiFi communication with Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, phones, Alexa, Google Home and others.”

Get your lawn care done automatically with a smart sprinkler system

With the Rachio 3, your lawn care routine is fully voice-controlled. You can ask Google Assistant to water certain parts of your lawn when needed or tell it to pause the routine when you need to do something else like paint your house. It can even gather weather information from the internet to determine the best watering cycles for the climate. Promising review: “I’ve been using this device for about three weeks now and I am very happy with the results. The device is hyper-intelligent and will run either automated or manually as you prefer. You can run it every day exactly when you want to, or you can set it up to monitor the weather conditions in your area and have it determine when and how much to water.”

Refresh the air in your home with this Hub-compatible oil diffuser

Essential oils can add wonderful scents and relaxation to your home environment. This diffuser from Sierra Modern Home is compatible with your Google Nest Hub, and you can control its vapor cycles with your voice or device. You can even adjust color and light settings for better ambiance. Promising review: “When I add my favorite essential oils to the water, I can sit back and experience a calm and relaxing moment after work, or I can relax with some lavender to fall asleep with. I really like cinnamon the best.”