So, it is clear that its success simply lies in the growing popularity of multimedia content. Today, virtually everything we consume content on the web shown in video format. Hence, every day there are millions of people who simply open their Facebook profiles and talk about different things of different interests. As we published a post in which we told about the tech giant Google and its video platform YouTube which is Cognizant of the power of its platform. Therefore, improvement thereof is continuous. We have recently seen the addition of the ability to view live video in 4K resolution. In addition, a month ago we saw how YouTube announced the addition of HDR videos for its platform. While the social media giant Facebook for its part, it has been responsible for popularizing throughout this year using their live video. These have achieved a major success among users of the social network. To control the content of these videos, Facebook has announced that it will rely on Artificial Intelligence. All with the aim to further extend the use of this feature. So, taking advantage of a few days left to finish this year 2016, YouTube has decided to share a list of the most watched videos of their platform, which we already mentioned earlier, simply click here to watch all the most popular videos of 2016. While, on the other hand, the social media giant Facebook has also decided to do the same with their live video and show a list of the most watched videos of this year 2016, that is about to end. Without further ado, here are the videos with the most views on the social media giant Facebook. So, click here to watch all the viral videos of 2016. But, hold on apart from all these things, the social media giant Facebook has also released a list of the most talked about global topics in Facebook’s 2016 Year in Review. So, here is the list of most trending topics in 2016:-

#1 US Presidential Election

#2 Brazilian Politics

#3 Pokemon Go

#4 Black Lives Matter

#5 Rodrigo Duterte & Philippine Presidential Election

#6 Olympics

#7 Brexit

#8 Super Bowl

#9 David Bowie

#10 Muhammad Ali