Best Tips to Improve the Speed of your Home WiFi

Below we had discussed some of the best tips that you need to implement right now in your network to give it a boost. So have a look at all these tips below.

#1 Restarting Router

As you could have applied this simple formula with your other devices while they run into any problem, like that only you can also use this same thing with your Wifi Router too which could prove to be beneficial in case if you are getting any minor issues related network speed. It can also help to increase up the network speed specifically.

#2 Checking Connected Devices

More will be the devices connected to the single network of Wifi more will be the loss of speed for every of the connected device considering all are using up the data. To get up the most speed on any of the devices, you should try to disconnect the useless or all the connected devices.

#3 Background Usage

There might be some background data-consuming activities on the device connected to the Wifi, and these activities consume up the network bandwidth resulting in low connection speed. To get out the most speed, you should try to close that all the running tasks on the connected device that you are using.

#4 Secure WiFi

You might be familiar with the hacking of the Wifi networks but you might not always be serious about that at all, but that could happen to you for sure as many people run behind this method to gain an internet connection. In case you are getting too low network speeds then there are chances that your Wifi is being hacked and used up by someone else. So try to increase the network security and try to find and disconnect the stealer from your router.

#5 Router Location

Provide up your location while using up the Wifi network as this can help to focus the servers or the network provider much more bandwidth to your router, although this effect could not be determined easily, it does work to produce increased speed.

#6 Selecting Wifi Channel

The Wifi signal is always projected all around in parts called channels, and every other connection user is hooked with a different channel. The thing that you can do with these channels is that you can increase the network strength and speed by selecting your router to work on a particular less crowded channel and to that you can use up the WifiInfoView tool that is available for free.

#7 Get a Stronger Antenna

As we all know, most of the WiFi routers come with small and weak antennas. It’s not that routers manufacturers want to save some money, but powerful WiFi antennas tend to be pretty big. Therefore, WiFi router manufacturers always stick with small and weak antennas. Therefore, if you don’t mind the size, a new and powerful antenna is a great way to boost the WIFi at home or office.

#8 Update/Fix Network Drivers

There are some drivers that your device uses up so as to connect and play up the network properly but in case if there is any problem with them then you could experience network speed issues or strength issues too.To sort out any such problem that you might be getting, you should try to update or fix your device network drivers.

#9 Reset Router

Ultimately if any of the above methods do not work in your case, then I would suggest the last option for you i.e., to reset up the whole router and if that also doesn’t fix up your network speed and connection then you will need to call up for service.

#10 Buying a WiFi repeater

Well, WiFi repeater does a simple job, then receive a signal from the WiFi, amplify it and then transmit it again. Therefore, if all of the above methods failed to improve your WiFi speed then you should consider buying a WiFi repeater. WiFi repeater can be installed within minutes by anyone. So above discussion was all about Best Tips to Improve the Speed Of Your Home Wifi. You have got up some great ways with which you can treat your less Wifi speeds and some other minor issues regarding the Network of the Wifi. Just go and try them, maybe you could get some devastating changes regarding the Wifi network speed.