Top 10 Funny Websites for Geeks

I think of the web as a mirror of society; and as a mirror of society, pornography and violence is everywhere. It’s true, it’s not that easy to find places where old values still prevail, where you can read an article that is educative, but in an entertaining way. Maybe I’m just pessimistic, but I feel the world, and its mirror, the web is getting smaller and smaller while getting bigger and bigger, and it fills me with joy to see these tiny corners where I can feel safe to click on a link, watch a video and laugh, or read about something and not get bored to death. If you are like me, or if you just want to see where you can find quality humor, you might like this list that I’ve put together.

1. Uncyclopedia

If you ever used Wikipedia, this will definitely put a smile on your face. Uncyclopedia is the perfect opposite of Wikipedia. Its articles are really funny and the site promotes quality humor. For Uncyclopedia nothing is taboo, and everything is permitted. And it’s exactly that quality that makes Uncyclopedia one of the best humor sites on the web. I have made a weekly habit of checking out their witty articles.

2. Cracked

Now, I know everyone has heard of, unless you are living in a cave. Cracked is one of the most renowned sites in the world. This site has thousands of interesting articles and the guys that write them do it so with humor, nice jokes here and there. In short, a fun way to learn some really nice and interesting things. A good alternative for Cracked would be ListVerse.

3. DarwinAwards

A collection of some of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard – this is how I would describe Darwin Awards. This website is a really good way to pass the time, but mark my words: it’s addictive. I started reading a few stories and before I knew it, I had spent 2 hours laughing my a$$ off. The website has a basic design, let’s hope they’ll work on that in the future!

4. SomethingAwful

Something Awful is, in fact, the name of a website. I have recently discovered it, and might I say I enjoy it pretty much. The articles are really funny and its content is pretty diverse. The time I spent there was entertaining and I left the site with a smile on my face. I really recommend it if you are in the mood of reading some cool articles. It’s like a mix of after-dark and good quality humor.

5. Sickipedia

Another “pedia” site hits the top! And this time it’s all about humor. Sickipedia is a huge database of jokes. As they say on their website: “building the world’s best collection of sick jokes”, and that is true. The only way to describe this site is this: ROFL! Short jokes that you can remember and tell your friends, not your mom! Ah, and, ignore that small cartoon.

6. NotAlwaysRight

NotAlwaysRight is another humor site where you can find funny stories that happened to people just like you and me. It’s really nice to see real comedy, in a sense, this is just like reality TV, but only in writing. It’s good to know that there is a place where you can read about the funny aspect of life.

7. College Humor

I’ve been a fan of College Humor for a while now. They make really funny videos and on their site and you can find really nice articles. If I were to make a personal list of my favorite video humor sites, College Humor would definitely be in my top 3.

8. Lamebook

As with Wikipedia and its own parodies, Facebook could not have escaped people’s try to make a joke about it. And the joke about Facebook is Lamebook, this site is the total opposite and, of course, in my opinion, much more funnier than Facebook. I wonder, though, if those are genuine jokes or fake.

9. HappyPlace

As the name suggests, HappyPlace is a humor site where you can find quite allot of articles, photos and videos that will surely make you smile so wide, you could eat a banana sideways. I really enjoyed spending time on this site, and now, it’s on my Firefox speed dial.

10. TastefullyOffensive

Humor all around! From the name to the content, Tastefully Offensive has “premium funny” content, updated daily. This site one of the more well known ones, and it’s not hard to imagine why, quality humor is present everywhere. A definite must if you are looking for good comedy. Writing this article has brought back a lot of memories when I first started to use the internet, oh, what great times. If I may quote a dialog that really touched me, from Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End, when Captain Jack Sparrow talks to Captain Barbossa: “- The world used to be a bigger place. – World’s still the same. There’s just less in it” This quote has really touched me, and it seems a fitting ending to this article, seeing that I’ve talked in the beginning of the path the web has taken in the last years. But no matter how hard it gets, remember these tiny “islands” where you can go to have a good time.