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I wish I could say the process of finding the best Android Printing Apps was difficult, but that would mean I’d have to lie. There are just a handful of good Android printing apps that are worthy of mentioning. These are the ones that really get the job done:

Top 5 Android Printing Apps

5. PrinterShare Mobile Printer

PrinterShare may not be the easiest Android printing app to set up, it requires special drivers installed on your computer, but after you finish fiddling with those, you are set up and can print to a vast majority of Wi-Fi printers from different manufacturers. The app supports printing of:

.doc, .docx .xls, .xlsx .ppt, .pptx .pdf  .txt files from your SD card printing images text messages contacts

4. Cloud Print

Connect your printer to Google Chrome and with Google Cloud Print you can start printing directly from your Android smartphone via Google’s Android printing app. All you have to do is to configure your PC to work with this service and download Cloud Print on your Android phone. But don’t worry, Google offers a full tutorial for connecting your computer and smartphone to the printer. Cloud Print can print text messages, Google Docs and mail messages. This service allows you to print almost any type of document:

.pdf  .jpg, .jpeg .doc, .docx  .ods .xls, .xlsx  .ppt  .odp .txt .xps

3. iCan Print WiFi

An Android printing app, PDF converter and file browser, all-in-one. iCan Print Wi-Fi is the app that does all of these and many more. The app can print just about any file type and image file to your Wi-Fi, bluetooth or network printer. It’s easy to set up and use and the added benefit of printing anything and saving lots of printers makes iCan Print Wi-Fi an excellent choice for an Android printing app. The only thing I do not like about this app is the fact that is just a trial version. For full access, you will need to upgrade, but after you do so, you will have a great Android printing app at your disposal.

2. PrintBot

PrintBot offers support for over 2800 models of printers from different manufacturers (HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung) and any other Airprint enabled device. This Android printing app allows you to print PDF documents and images with great quality and the full version of the app allows you to print an unlimited number of documents (free version only allows printing of 3 documents per month). One of the best things about this app is that you do not have to install any additional software on your computer or make special configurations. Just scan for wireless printers and you’re good to go.

1. Print

A simple name for a simple app. Print does exactly what it’s meant to do, and that is to print documents via Wi-Fi or 3G to your wireless printer. And it does this task perfectly. The app works great both on Windows and Mac and it offers a wide variety of features for its users, such as:

multiple contacts printing multiple image printing web page printing

There are no other hidden fees or need for subscription except for the initial price of the app. This Android printing app works without the need for other softwares installed on your computer, but there is the possibility to install Free WeePrint on your computer for troubleshooting or additional feature.

Top 9 Specialized Android Printing Apps

After naming our top picks for the best Android printing apps, let’s look at those who haven’t made the cut because of different reasons, but mainly because of the limitations of the app (they only work on certain printers or certain networks). But, if you have a Canon or Epson printer, obviously, it would work much better for you since it’s a specialized Android printing application.


A wonderful app, but it works on certain models of Epson, Canon or HP printers, you will have to check with the developers for a list of compatible printers. Brother, Samsung, Lexmark users will have no luck in using this Android printing application. Another minus of the app is that they only support phones up to Android 3.0.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint

It only works on Canon printers but it prints PDFs and pictures made by Canon equipment. Judging by the number of downloads ( 100,000 – 500, 000), one could easily say that this is one of the most popular Android printing apps, obviously, due to the popularity of Canon printers.

Epson iPrint / CyPria

They both have support for a wide variety of file types, but limited to Epson Printers only. Epson iPrint will allow you to print from  Box, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs, as well. CyPria has an overall rating of 4.2, so you shouldn’t have issues with it, as users seem happy after using it.

KODAK Document Print

A professional app that prints many types of files, but it requires a Google Cloud Print Account and a Kodak wireless printer. Yes, albeit the legendary company Kodak is in trouble, there still are many Kodak printers out there.

Breezy – Print and Fax

If your company has a Breezy subscription, then you can use this app and be pleased by its features, otherwise, not. What’s good about is that besides the Android version, it also works on iOS and BlackBerry.

Office Max Print Center

A wide variety of features you can enjoy, the only catch is that you have to have the Office Max network near you. However, judging by the number of installs and rating, you really can’t say it’s a bad Android printing app.

Brother iPrint&Scan

Easy to use and offers a host of great features, the downside is that it can be used only to Brother printers owners. That’s bad for us, and good for them.

HP ePrint Home & Biz

As with the others before it, it’s limited to only one manufacturer of printers. But, hey, it’s got more than 1, 000, 000 downloads! Now, that’s something, right? I hope in the future we will see more Android printing apps such as these, and better equipped with lots more features and with better print quality. But until then, we will just have to make do with what we have. The idea is that if you have an Android printing app especially made for your printer, then you should go for it.