The HTC One M9 went on sale in the United States and other major markets of the world last week. Design wise, the handset is nearly indistinguishable from its predecessor, the One M8, but comes with some major changes under the hood.  Unlike the Galaxy S6 and other major flagship handsets from other OEMs out there, HTC has stuck to a 1080p panel on the One M9. Considering the jump in pixel density between a 1080p screen and 2k screen on mobile handset is barely noticeable, it makes sense for HTC to stick to the former, especially once when you factor in the theoretical battery life improvements. If you have purchased a One M9 or are planning to buy one, and are looking for some beautiful 1080p wallpapers that can truly make the content on your home screen pop, check out our roundup of the 15 best wallpapers for the handset below. All the wallpapers below have a resolution of 2160 x 1920, which means they will be scrollable when used with a compatible launcher like Nova. The credit for all the wallpapers above go to their respective creators. You can download the wallpapers individually by opening them, then right clicking on them and selecting the ‘Save Image As’ option. Alternatively, you can download this ZIP file containing all the wallpapers. In case you own a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge, you can find 15 beautiful Quad HD wallpapers for it here.