However, when it comes to listening to music, nothing seems to beat smartphones. In fact, smartphones have now replaced the legendary dedicated music players. Not just that, but with the help of any third party music player app, you can transform your music listening experience. If we talk about third-party music player for Android, you will find tons of music player apps on the Google Play Store. These music streaming apps provides users an easy way to listen to music. However, all those apps need a working internet connection to stream music, and not everyone has unlimited internet bandwidth. These are the most probable reason why Android users still choose to download music instead of streaming. Downloading music from the internet is entirely possible, thanks to the dozens of music sites. However, when it comes to downloading music on Android, things become complicated. So, to sort out all these issues, we are about to share you some of the best music downloader apps for Android. You can use these apps to grab your favorite music right on your Android smartphone. With these music downloaders, you can download music free online.

#1 4Shared Music

4Shared Music is by far the best and one of the biggest file-sharing website available on the internet. 4Shared also has a specific music app known as 4Shared Music which is mostly used to download movie songs. Users just need to search for the music file on the app by applying filters to get the direct download link. This is one of the best mp3 downloader free download.

#2 Google Play Music

Google Play Music is another most used music app available for Android smartphone. Google develops the app, and it allows users to play both local music or stream online music. The app also got an offline feature which you can use to save any music file to listen to it without using the internet. So, Google Play Music is another best music downloader which you can use on your device.

#3 Soundcloud

SoundCloud is actually a music streaming app which is mostly used to stream music. In SoundCloud, you can find some original composed, shared songs. The great thing about SoundCloud also lets you share your composed music too. The premium version of the app which starts from $9.99 adds a downloading feature which you can use to download music to phone.

#4 Spotify

Spotify is right now the most used and popular music streaming service around the world. Spotify arrives in two versions – Paid and Free. The premium version allows users to download millions of songs. The great thing about Spotify Premium is that it stores the downloaded music on your device which enables users to listen to music without an internet connection.

#5 Napster Music

Napster Music is another best music streaming app which comes with an offline feature. You can use Napster Music to listen to over 30 million songs and download for offline playback. Napster Music is a premium app, but you can avail a full month of a free trial if you are using it for the first time.

#6 Anghami

Anghami is another best music downloader app that’s worth a try. With Anghami, you can discover, play and download music from a library of millions of Arabic and international songs. However, the free version of Anghami only allows downloading limited numbers of music. But, the premium version of Anghami breaks all the barriers and lets you download unlimited music. So, you can get free music download for android with Anghami

#7 Wynk Music

Wynk Music is another best app that every music lover would love to have. The app houses over 3 million free songs. In Wynk Music, songs were organized according to their genre like Pop, Rock, Devotional, Dance, Party, etc. When it comes to the audio quality, Wynk Music doesn’t make any compromise, and you can expect high-quality music. Users can subscribe to Wynk Music to get unlimited in-app song downloads for offline listening.

#8 Free Mp3 Downloads

The name of the app describes everything about the app. Free Mp3 Downloads allows users to download and listen to free songs. However, you will only find songs that are licensed as ‘free to use’. The great thing about Free Mp3 Downloads is that it downloads the songs directly in your SD card. The interface of Free Mp3 Downloads is clean and well organized, and you can find some popular songs in the app.

#9 Advanced Download Manager

Well, this is not actually an MP3 downloader, it’s a download manager which can download pretty much everything from the internet. The same goes for the music files as well. It can grab any music files from the internet and can download it on your phone’s storage.

#10 Tubemate

Tubemate is mostly used for download videos from various video streaming sites. The great thing about Tubemate is that it can also grab the mp3 files from any online video. Suppose, you want to download the music file of any music video, simply search it on the YouTube through Tubemate and tap on the ‘Download MP3 File’. This way, you will get the music file that you’re looking for. So, with Tubemate, you can download music to phone from youtube.

#11 Snaptube

Snaptube is another interesting app on the list which can download videos and MP3 files from almost every video streaming services out there. The app is pretty much similar to the Tubemate regarding the usability. You can download the music file from any video with the help of Snaptube.

#12 Simple MP3 Downloader

As the name of the app says, the Simple MP3 downloader is a neat and simple Android app that is capable of downloading music files on your Android device. However, the app can only download the copyright free music content, and you can save them on your device.

#13 Skull MP3 Downloader Pro

Skull MP3 Downloader Pro is another download music free online app on the list which comes with an integrated music search engine. You can use the music search engine of Skull MP3 Downloader Pro to find and download music directly on your Android smartphone. So, Skull MP3 Downloader Pro is another best free music downloader app for your Android device.

#14 Music Maniac Pro

If you are looking for the best music downloader app that comes with tons of feature and attractive user interface, then you should try Music Maniac Pro. The interface of the app is incredible, and you can download almost every music with the app. The app also features a built-in ringtone or MP3 cutter which you can use to create a new ringtone for your device.

#15 Copyleft MP3 Downloader

The last one in the list of best music downloader for Android is the Copyleft MP3 Downloader. You can find tons of songs in the app which you can download offline and play anytime. The interface of the app is also clean and well organized, and you just need to search the music which you want to download and then tap on the ‘Download offline’ option. So, these are some of the best music downloader app available on the internet which is worth a try. If we have missed any popular app from the same section, then make sure to drop the name of the app in the comment box below. So, what’s your opinion on this? Share your views in the comment box.