If you’re planning to travel, here are five summer tips to stay safe from burglars. But you don’t have to leave your home for a change of pace. You can refresh your surroundings with a few new goodies around the home.

1. These sheets keep you cool and comfy

We’ve all been there. You wake up in the middle of the night, sweaty under your heavy blankets. Dehydrated and overheated, you kick off your bed sheets so you can get some much-needed relief. But these sheets will help keep you cool and comfortable during the summer months.

2. Keep those nasty mosquitos away

‘Tis the season for mosquito bites. As we stroll out of the home with shorts and tank tops, mosquitos see our bare skin as an invitation to a feast. Say hello to ugly mosquito bite bumps and itchy irritation. But you don’t have to accept obnoxious bug bites as inevitable. “Turn it on…mosquito’s gone!” That’s what Thermacell’s product description says. This sleek metal gadget creates a 15-foot zone of protection against flying bloodsuckers.

3. Say goodbye to fruit flies

Sick of flies blurring your vision and bumping into your face? These tiny but mighty traps eliminate fruit fly infections. They’re easy to use and non-staining. Plus, their cute apple shape blends in with your décor. (Compare this to more traditional bug traps, which are a huge eyesore.)

4. Fly the flag

The Fourth of July’s right around the corner. Do you have an American flag set up in front of your house? Or maybe you do … but it’s old, ragged and in need of an update. In that case, we found the perfect replacement!

5. This is perfect for hot chocolate on cold nights

When the sun slips from the sky and the night breeze tickles your skin, a warm drink is perfect for the end of the day. This fancy milk frother helps you make high-quality lattes from the comfort of your own home. (No coffee house trip required!) It doesn’t need to be plugged in, so it takes up less space than other frothers.

6. Stay cool even when you’re away from home

Is your office AC not cutting it? Maybe you live in an area without central AC and you’re facing high temperatures and no way to cool down. In that case, this gadget is a lifesaver. This portable fan blows cool air to keep you from overheating. Plus, this sweet relief machine is super easy to set up. Just pour water into the container and the fan will blow out cool air (you can even choose a mist option).

7.  Whether you’re travelling or backpacking, this hammock is helpful anywhere

Want to soak up the sun? Whether you’re relaxing in your backyard or exploring a colorful campsite, a hammock can help you enjoy the great outdoors in style. This hammock is so versatile, too. You can set it up on your porch, patio or between two trees.

8. Beef up your barbeque game with these tools

Want to wow the cul-de-sac with your superior steaks? This complete set of BBQ tools gives you everything you need for a successful cookout. (It even has a built-in bottle opener on the spatula.)

9. Make easy meals with this 7-in-1 Instant Pot

Don’t you hate wasting hours in front of the stove, stirring and chopping and eyeing the oven as the day drags on? Luckily, you don’t have to hurt your feet by standing all day. You can rely on this high-tech gadget to do the hard work for you. The Instant Pot makes cooking as easy as pie!

10. These colorful umbrellas give you shade while you’re chilling on the patio

Sure, you can stand outside and enjoy the fresh air, but sooner or later, the sun will start to feel like it’s sizzling your skin. That’s why umbrellas make a world of difference. They cast some much-needed shade over your head and help you breathe easier. We love these since they’re large, reasonably priced and well-made. Enjoy your backyard under a colorful cover of your choosing!

11. Your umbrellas won’t fall with this sturdy stone base

There’s nothing worse than setting up a beautiful umbrella … only for it to collapse onto the patio. Even worse, it might fly away over the horizon thanks to a summer storm. This strong stone base keeps your umbrella in place, so it doesn’t soar away amidst a monsoon (or crumble over your bushes like a deflated balloon). Plus, its intricate design adds a nice, eye-catching look to your patio or backyard.

12. Buzz off, flies!

Everyone needs a solid fly swatter. What’s the only thing better than one of these nifty tools? A pack of three!

13. These flexible chairs come with built-in cup holders

These are great chairs for a low price. They even come with their own cupholders! These chairs keep you comfortable with a sturdy frame and strong mesh material wherever you set them up.

14. Planning a picnic? You’ll need this

If you want to dine on a rug of green grass or sit by the sea, you’ll want an outdoor blanket to protect you from the dirty ground. These water-resistant picnic mats come in eight different colors and nine different sizes to fit your needs.

15. Great for gardening (or cooling down in the summer heat)

If you want to play fun water games this summer, you’ll need a garden hose. You can make a DIY water slide for the kids, fill up water balloons or even play water hose limbo. A high-quality garden hose is an opportunity for endless fun — aside from its helpful uses around the garden, of course. This item is one of our favorites!