Spying tools are around everywhere but some of them are really critical condition which means they are inappropriate from being use. Below four of the spying smartphone application makes you all requirement fulfill, each of the application works with multiple features enable. Also Read: How To Check Devices Connected To Your Wifi Using Your Smartphone Please make sure to get a full documentary over each product before applying the product, from the quality of the software to the online support of the software, study the review of all the software to make a conscious choice of any spy software. Choose the perfection or you may lead to the spam online spy service companies, there are many companies who claim about their software with a high profile functionality, but some companies misinform their client to get higher profits.

TOP 2015 Smartphone Spy Applications

Also Read: Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android The list we are showing to faithfully companies, there are hundreds and thousands of companies secretly making spy tools, but we have selected only four of them which are giant companies as well as you can have a faith over them to mutual understanding getting beneficiary for both the client and the companies, if you have faced any such companies who mislead or misconduct over the spy tools, you can comment below or email us at the bottom of the page. Below listed four types of software some of which support other OS also such as iOS and Windows but all are supported version of Android and computers. Also Read: How To Remotely Shutdown PC From Anywhere With Smartphone

1) MSpy

MySpyApp is very powerful and useful smartphone tracking and monitoring application. Basically convenient to track your children, overall family member, employees and the loved once. MySpyApp is one of the most popular spy application with advanced smartphone tracking and monitoring software enabled to use those confidential, record text messages and call logs.

2) HighsterMobile

The HighsterMobile is a powerful multifunctional application with complete and detailed REMOTE MONITORING of users activity. It can even monitor keyboard as Keylogger function activity, social site visiting activity such as Facebook, MySpace, Skype, IM Messenger and another browsing history also. Also Read: How To Control Your TV Using Smartphone

3) FlexiSpy

Some of the other Spy app provider companies usually forced its EU buyers or USA buyers to charge with VAT or sales tax but in regards of FlexiSpy its system is different among all of them, in this FlexiSpy application if buyer doesn’t want to pay VAT and sales tax they can ignore paying taxes and can proceed to purchase the application for short term.

4) Spyera

Also Read: How To Lock/Unlock PC Using Bluetooth Of Smartphone Spyera is also one of all above but with some fewer functions hence still works on Symbian devices, this Spyera can be installed in a smartphone to track any of your relative smartphones, it can access to targets phone book, event records, SMS, call history, location, email, whatsApp and many more. This application works on Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian devices.