Casio standard function desktop calculator

Casio is the king of high-quality, low-cost electronics. This includes two-way power to use a battery or the built-in solar charger that powers the bright LED screen. Even in a well-lit office environment, you never lose clarity. Thanks to the angled head, you can position this anywhere. It will still be visible, whether next to your mouse or on the far side of the desk. It’s very lightweight, so if heavier calculators are preferable, our other suggestions will better fit your ideal desktop setup.

Battery and solar desktop calculator with large display

Having great weight and loud, clicky keys to your calculator are important for haptic feedback. While the LCD screen could be brighter, it does well enough in most well-lit office spaces and environments. Thanks to the anti-slip rubber traction pads on the bottom, it sticks to your desk (even if you’re heavy-handed when you calculate). These keys emulate Numpad keys but have extra space between them, making it harder to tap the wrong number while budgeting.

ONXE big button desktop calculator

This 12-digit calculator puts everything you need in one compact area while granting good space between the keys. Nearly everything is arranged horizontally, making it feel like an extension of your keyboard (great for small desk spaces). ONXE didn’t make this LCD screen quite as bright as we would have liked, but the upside is low power consumption. Even if you don’t use the solar charger, you can go months (potentially up to a full year) without recharging your calculator.