As summer heats up, the number of home break-ins tends to rise. That’s because many homeowners head off for vacation without protecting their homes. Because so many homeowners return home only to find their valuables destroyed or taken, our sponsor SimpliSafe wanted to share some tips that can help. Your home is your most valuable possession, so here are three things burglars look for and how to protect your home.

1. Learn to think like a burglar

In the U.S. alone, a burglary takes place around every 18 seconds. That’s a lot of break-ins and a lot of stolen property! But, if you learn to think like a burglar, you can actually deter thieves from targeting your property. Home security systems One of the first things you need to know is that burglars hate home security systems. Makes sense, right? Their whole objective is not to get caught, and alarm systems notify the authorities when they’re triggered. There are many companies out there that offer 24/7 monitoring services, but we like SimpliSafe best because, not only does it provide superb protection, you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract! In fact, you can protect your home and have peace of mind for as little as $15 per month. Click here to learn more about SimpliSafe’s affordable 24/7 monitoring services. Close proximity is key Staking out a property is more difficult if you have to lurk around an unfamiliar neighborhood. That’s why the vast majority of burglars tend to target homes in close proximity to their own residence. This makes it easier to monitor their target’s schedule, and know when it’s a good time to strike. Burglaries only take minutes If a burglar believes your home is an easy target, your possessions can be stolen in as little as 10 minutes. Without a security system, the chances of catching the thieves and reclaiming your things are very slim. SimpliSafe’s motion sensors can help you catch criminals in the act by triggering the alarm and notifying the authorities. Note: As a Kim Komando listener, you can get a special deal on your SimpliSafe system. Click here to get FREE shipping and a 60 day money-back guarantee!

2. Learn to spot burglars in your area

When you picture a burglar, the image that comes to mind may not be as accurate as you think. Many imagine burglars in ski masks, wearing all black and carrying crowbars, but the reality is actually surprising. The vast majority of burglaries take place between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. by people wearing ordinary clothing. If they’re going to dress up, they’ll most likely wear something to appear as if they’re a delivery or repairman. Of course, the challenge is that you’re not always home to keep an eye out. Thankfully, you can now add cameras to your SimpliSafe home security system. SimpliSafe’s cameras stream in 720p HD video and work seamlessly with the rest of your system. Storage for the footage captured by the cameras is also not a problem. The cameras use what’s called “Intelligent Recording,” which means they only activate when the system detects activity. Whenever your system is armed or disarmed, the camera will activate. It will also activate if someone triggers your alarm, so you can catch the intruder in the act. Night vision is also included, so your home is protected even when it’s dark out. You can also live stream the footage if you’d like. Otherwise, anything captured by the cameras will be stored for 30 days with a $4.99 monthly plan. Click here to see how a security camera can add extra protection to your home security system.

3. Don’t make it easy

Many burglary victims are surprised to learn just how much they unknowingly contributed to the overall crime. Burglars are opportunistic criminals, which means your home may be targeted over others in your neighborhood because you haven’t taken certain precautions. To avoid these issues, make sure you place a stop on all your regular deliveries and hire someone to maintain the landscaping. The U.S. Postal Service allows you to place a temporary hold on your mail, or you can ask someone you trust to pick it up for you. The pileup problem Is there mail piling up in your mailbox? How about newspapers in your driveway, or even weeds in your yard? To a burglar, these are all signs that you’re not home and there’s no one around to call the cops. Checking out the tool shed To access your home, many burglars will use the homeowner’s own ladder, or the hammer they left outside after fixing the gutter. Even worse, some burglars are able to enter your home through an unlocked door or window. SimpliSafe’s motion sensors don’t require any drilling or complicated installation. You can just stick the sensors onto the walls, doors, windows or anywhere else you need them. The whole system can be installed in under 15 minutes with no drilling, so no matter where (or how) a burglar chooses to enter your home, you’re covered.  Oversharing You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s not a good idea to share too much on social media. Sadly, burglars can also be people you know, which can easily turn that photo of you on vacation into an open invitation. If you’re going to be away, the best thing to do is share highlights from your trip once you’ve already returned.

Protect your home with SimpliSafe

As you can see, protecting your home this summer should be at the top of the priority list. Our sponsor SimpliSafe can help. Simplisafe offers a no-contract system that installs in 15 minutes without drilling. The sensors are linked wirelessly so you can put them anywhere and don’t have to run cables. That makes SimpliSafe perfect for apartments and rentals, along with sheds and garages. Because you can add additional sensors later, it can scale from small areas to larger homes with no problem. SimpliSafe uses cellular to signal the monitoring service for help, so there are no phone lines for burglars to cut. Police will arrive no matter what. Plus it has a loud 85dB siren in the base station, with the option for a second 105dB siren, which will drive off most burglars. SimpliSafe offers door and window sensors and pet-friendly motion sensors for security. It also has sensors for freeze, flood, carbon monoxide and smoke, so you can protect your home against more than intruders. You also get a panic button so you can trigger the button yourself if needed. SimpliSafe is the easy, no-contract way to protect your family and your home. Get it today and as a Kim Komando listener, you can get a special deal. Click here to get free shipping and a 60 day money-back guarantee.