1. Amkette Power Pro Air

If you are a 90’s kid, chances are you must be aware of Amkette as a brand. They made floppy disks and various computer accessories but have now forayed into smartphone accessories as well. The Amkette Power Pro Air is one of the best wireless chargers in India with an affordable price tag for two reasons – one, it supports up to 10W output which is what most phones charge at, and there are three different angles you can set the stand to depending on how you want to use it. There’s a flat mode, a vertical incline, and a horizontal incline mode so you can also use it as a stand to watch movies while your phone is also getting charged simultaneously. There’s one year of brand warranty and the additional angles put this at the top of our list as the primary option if you’re looking for a wireless charger on a budget. For Rs. 1,599, the Amkette Power Pro is a great buy. Get it here.

2. Portronics Freedom 4 Wireless Charger with Clock

This wireless charger, as the name suggests, serves two purposes – One, of course, as a wireless charger, and two, as a digital alarm clock with an LED lamp. Also, there is an extra USB port on the device which can be used to charge another smartphone or gadget, which makes this a multi-purpose tool. There’s 10W output for both wired and wireless charging, and the clock also makes it a nice desktop or bedside accessory. For Rs. 1,699, this is a must-buy if you’re looking for a wireless charger that also adds extra functionality. If you do not want multiple stand positions like the one on the Amkette Power Pro Air, this can be your first choice as it also looks just like a conventional clock on your table. Get it here.

3. Raegr Arc 200

The Raegr Arc 200 has a conventional design with just the lay-flat mode. The pad itself is circular which gives it an aesthetically pleasing look. There are rubber grips on the top which prevent the phone from sliding around while keeping on top of it. This wireless charger also supports an output of up to 10W. If you’re looking for a Qi-certified wireless charger with a functional design and are going to use it on your bedside, the Raegr Arc 200 is a good option for Rs. 1,299. Get it here.

4. iVoltaa Airbase1

This Qi-certified wireless charger is for those who are looking for an attractive design along with the functionality. The iVoltaa Airbase 1 has a fabric top which makes it look pleasing to the eye and can blend in well with any surface. There’s also a leather finish instead of fabric if you prefer that. Again, there’s support for up to 10W output and it has a flat design. Looks pretty similar to a Google Home Mini, except for it’s much slimmer! For Rs. 1,399, it’s a good deal if you want a wireless charger which also looks attractive. Get it here.

5. Noymi Car Mobile Holder with Wireless Charging

Unlike the rest of the wireless chargers in this list, this one is not a conventional dock that you place on the table. Instead, this fits into the AC vent of your car and acts as a mobile holder with wireless charging functionality. The interesting part is that this charger has IR sensors which automatically get activated when you’re trying to place your phone in the holder. The sensors expand the arms of the holder and contract once the phone is in place. That’s a cool mechanism! Charging speeds are 10W just like the rest. A nice accessory for your car that looks cool and at the same time is functional. For Rs. 1,030, this has to be a sure-shot buy. Get it here. These were our recommendations of top 5 wireless chargers to buy on a budget in India. There are various other options from multiple brands, but it is advisable to invest in a known and trusted brand since charging the battery involves some safety measures that need to be taken care of. Qi certification is also a very important aspect and all the wireless chargers mentioned above are Qi-certified. Get the one which appeals to you the most according to your budget, and enjoy the convenience of not having to plug in your phone in the dark!