Top Android GPS Games

Of course, some of these games can be played on any GPS device, not necessary a smartphone and even on a web-based platform where you log on and input your location. Each of them has its own pros and cons, and they vary from Google Maps apps that give you a destination near you, or worldwide hunt to get to the next checkpoint. Enough chat; let’s get to business:

5. Geocaching

Although not the cheapest app of the list, Geocaching is probably the best-known of all as Groundspeak’s Official Geocaching App. We did write about it in the past, too. This Android GPS game gives you direct access to’s database of geocaches. A great feature of this game is the compass that points to the next item on your list and the ability to leave notes to other players or read notes to find your items quicker. A great game, but with tiny issues of compatibility that we hope they will resolve in the next versions.


If you are a fan of scavenger hunts, then WhereYouGo will definitely be lots of fun! The game is based on different virtual “gifts” left in different locations by other users. To have access to these, you have to download the map on your PC and then load it into your app. Then it’s just a race to get there before others. The game is lots of fun; the only thing I do not like about this Android GPS game is the fact that you cannot download the list called “cartridge.” But I hope this setback will be ironed out. After completing your tasks, you have the possibility to leave gifts for others who come after you, and so, the game continues. Related Read: Best Unblocked Games for School

3.Tourality GPS Treasure Hunt

Some of you might be familiar with this Android GPS Game. It was featured on a very popular British TV series, and it was nominated for Best Real World Game in 2011 at IMGA. The game is basically a city-wide scavenger hunt game in which you have to reach different checkpoints. The game is best played in multi-player, and this type of game-play supports up to 40 players. Also, if you buy and register the game, you get access to lots of other features, including customizable games and many more. The UI of the game is quite user-friendly, so you and your friends won’t have too much hustle setting up.

2. CYA (Claim Your Area)

Open your map and start fighting with your friends over your city. Claim your Area is a real strategy game in which you start with your city’s map, and you have to fight your way to become the biggest. The map is divided into fields that you need to claim and then protect from other players. To do this, you need drones, and any claimed field gives you resources that you need to gather in order to expand your empire. You can also connect to your Facebook account and play with your friends. The game is quite challenging because you have to find the perfect balance between occupied fields and available drones (each field requires 1 drone to be left behind). It reminds me of Sid Mayer’s Civilisation in a way, so get your thinking caps on and start playing.

1. Zombie, Run!

This could very well be my favorite Android GPS game. I played a few times on my way back from school and a few tests runs around the city. The game is really simple to set up; just select the difficulty of the game you want. You have 3 difficulties in choosing from:

Night of the Living Dead Resident Evil 28 Days Later

These determine how fast the zombies move on the map. In the other query box, you have to fill in the number of zombies you want, ranging from “Local Infection” to “Full-scale Invasion.” Also, the latest version has support for a multi-player game, although this feature is still in beta. If you are looking for a good Android GPS game, this is my top pick! I’ve tested a few of these games, and I must say, for a not-so-outdoor person such as me, they are both really fun, challenging, and exhausting. After 4 hours of running on the streets, I got home and crashed into bed. So, get some training before starting to play. Just some friendly advice. For me, being a couch potato, I’m still sticking with a mouse and keyboard, but for those who like spending time outdoor, GPS games are a great solution for having lots of fun and staying fit.