Top 5 Apps That Can Help You Track Your Lost Smartphone


#1 Where’s my Droid 

This app consists a number of features which will assist you in tracking your lost Android Smartphone. This app has notable features like, “Ring” that will ring your smartphone even if it is on silent mode. To ring your lost smartphone, you have to send a text which will be your ring recognition word on your lost device from any other device. Another great feature of this application is that it can locate the geographic location of your lost smartphone by tracking GPS coordinates which have link to Google Maps. In case your lost mobile is switched off, its battery may have drained, or its number has been changed, it also has specially built in GPS flare feature which will send an alert message carrying the last location of your smartphone.  

#2 Cerberus Anti Theft

Next App that would help you in tracking your lost device is “Cerburus”. It mainly has three methods that will assist you in protecting your smartphone.

It offers remote control via their website. Remote Control through SMS from another device. The Automatic Alerts

Besides its above major features, it also offers some more features like, to locate the lost device via the app’s built-in GPS and find its location. It can also lock the device with security code and activate the noisy sound (It will also work if your device is in Silent mode), screenshots, recording videos, capture images, recognize the robber, tracking location information, checking the last location of the device. In case the robber is using your device, he cannot notice about this application because you can easily hide this using “App Drawer”. Besides this feature, you can also record voice from the sound recorder, record of recent outgoing and received calls, get details on a mobile network and WiFi, to which the device is connected and the close WiFi networks. However, this app is free for one week and after that you have to pay money to continue to use it. If you paid for this app, you could use this app in three devices continuously. Also Read: Top 10 Best Weather Apps For Your Android Smartphone  

#3 Lost Android 

This app can remotely control your stolen device from their website or through SMS. With this app, you can erase your memory card, locate your device by GPS. If your device is connected to the Internet, GPS automatically turns on in the application’s settings, raises an alarm, sends SMS via Web Page, read the messages sent and received, IMEI number, check battery status and much more.  

#4 Android Device Manager

It is the official application provided by Android. It is available on Play Store for downloading. With it, you can track your device, remove data and secures your device by locking it. To use this feature, your device must be connected to the internet and Google account.  

#5 Find My iPhone

So, we will end up this post with Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone is pre-installed in iOS devices. It allows you track the device to locate its present location. With this feature, your device can also trigger a sound, making it easy for you to find it, in case you lost it within home or at any other place. You can also erase the entire data with this app. In order to activate this feature in iPhone, go to Settings –> iCloud –> Find My iPhone. You need to first activate this service to use it.