5 of the Best Alternatives for Google Authenticator

Below we had listed some of the services that you must give a try that provides your some extra security on your account. So have a look on all these services below.

#1 Author

This is really a top service in the list of best alternatives to the Google Authenticator App as this app provides exception flexibility over the usage on different devices as well as it also offers the computer app too, therefore, you won’t has to stick to the smartphone or tablet in case you want to pierce through the 2FA security of your account. You can get access to your codes in the computer app hence you can easily find it great to access your account by typing the codes etc. The best part of this app is that you can create a backup of all your accounts and then format your device data easily which means you won’t has to struggle to get the 2FA security running again after deleting the whole app.

#2 Duo

It is one of the best-looking apps that you can either find for your device and this makes it appealing to work with it. This is available for most every mobile device platform like ordinary cellphones, landlines, blackberry, and windows phone too. It also offers the whole information cloud backup of your accounts and hence restore that all afterwards on the same device and not on other devices. This app surely provides great working experience as well as security to your accounts in a nice manner.


This app is although great in its features but the thing that makes it lack behind in this list is its support for only iOS devices. It means that you can only access this app on your iOS devices and will have to use your same device for every time you get a login to your 2FA secured account. The great thing about this app is that it supports many different social networks and accounts to which it can provide two-factor authentication.

#4 Authenticator Plus

This app is free of cost and provides lots of features but still you get a chance to roll on many more features by paying a small amount of money. Everything of this app is encrypted with a passcode hence you can imagine the level of security that it can provide to your account. The two-factor authentication provided by this app is also very good and you won’t get in any issues related to it. Just go for it if you are finding any good alternative to the Google Authenticator.

#5 Sound Login Authenticator

This app is another great alternative to that of Google Authenticator and it works really fine and also provides some useful functions and features built-in side. If you are thinking to get on with a great app that can actually help to provide your account a secure login every time and hence prevent it from being hacked then you can try this app for sure. In this app you will get up the codes in form of sounds, you can also put on the extensions to your PC browser ( Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc) and then use up the mic to sound the codes. So above discussion is all about 5 of the Best Alternatives for Google Authenticator. You will notice that all these performs very well as compared to the Google Authenticator and you won’t feel less in any way while using up all of the above services. Just go and use up any of the ones for all your Google Accounts and hence protect them further.