Top 5 Best Windows 7 Themes of 2019

Well, today there are few people who are using Windows 7 and my cousin is one of them as he loves using this version only. So I looked at her screen and found that quite boring and I suggested him to use some other themes so that he can get some good visuals and change. So he told me to get some of the best themes for him that he can use in his Windows 7 PC. So I researched some themes and added them to his OS so that he can customize the things with a new look. And I noted the name so that I can write the guide for the same for my techviral visitors. And now I’m writing this guide so that the users who have windows 7 can use these theme in it.

#1 Angry Birds Theme

Well, most of you must be aware of the Angry Birds games and this is the theme that is basically designed according to the same game theme. The individuals who are the greatest devotee of the Angry winged creature diversion may know about the characters inside this amusement. You can set those characters on your screen through utilizing this subject. The work area backdrop and the shading plan will be so coordinating to the diversion that you will love to have it on your screen.

#2 Transformers Theme

One of my personal favorite that even I used for 2 years on my Windows 7 PC. The Transformer Theme is another best windows 7 subject that offers you 20+ HD backdrops, custom symbols and Movie sounds and exchanges which will change your work area encounter into the diverse one. Also, it will supplant the drilling symbols into the transformer innovative ones. In addition, it contains a few sounds and discoursed from the Transformers film for a total changing background. So must try this out as you surely gonna love this theme.

#3 Spiderman Theme

Do you get a kick out of the chance to play Spiderman amusements? On the off chance that yes, at that point you’ll certainly adore this windows 7 topic. It comprises of 35 brilliant backdrops and custom symbols which are fundamental for the total subject makeover. Like every single other topic in our rundown, it additionally contains a few sounds and discoursed from the Spiderman film which will give you the full spiderman encounter on your work area.

#4 Ferrari Windows 7 Theme

This was the theme that my cousin likes the most as he is the big fans of the cars and this was for him. Tired of the great windows 7 subject and love to see Ferrari autos and style, at that point, it’s your day of reckoning. It contains a pack of segments which will change the exhausting look of your screen into the jazzy one. It incorporates a considerable measure of imaginative backdrops which will change over your drilling screen into an alluring one.

#5 Fast and Furious Theme

The Fast and Furious is another best windows topic committed to the activity motion picture Fast and Furious 7. It contains a considerable measure of HD backdrop, custom symbols, sounds and discoursed which will change the exhausting interface of your PC into an inventive one. The sound clasps will play when you apply the topic on your PC. This theme has some amazing ratings as there are lots of users who liked and used this theme on their PC. So try this out. Finally, after reading this post, you have got to know about the best Windows 7 Themes of the year 2019. We have tried to present the whole information in such a way that it could be easily grasped and eventually you would have got it easily. Hope that you would have liked the data on this page, if it is so then please try to share it with others too. We really appreciate your indulgence in our work because it’s all about you that we gain more heights. Please try to share your opinions and suggestions regarding this post by using the comments box below. At last but nevertheless thanks for reading this post!