#1 Yahoo Data Breach

On December 14, Yahoo admitted that their server was hacked in 2013 and the hacker gained access to more than 1 billion user accounts. Guess what? This was the second time in 2016 that Yahoo has openly acknowledged its server vulnerability to hacking. The latest disclosure might cost a lot to Yahoo because it had recently signed a deal with Verizon that agreed to buy the early internet giant for a whopping $4.83 billion.

#2 Hacker Claims to be Selling 32 Million Twitter Accounts on Dark Web

A hacker who goes by the name of Tessa88 Claims to have access to millions of Twitter credentials, a security firm LeakedSource confirms that over 32 million Twitter IDs and passwords were leaked, but Twitter says that their system was not hacked. However, the credentials of compromised accounts are real and valid.

#3 Dyn DDoS

Servers of Dyn, a major DNS host, had experienced a massive DDoS attack. As a result, popular websites like Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, etc. had to face downtime. Many internet users worldwide started to face problem accessing popular sites like Twitter, Spotify, etc. because of this massive DDoS attack. After few days, researcher managed to find out that the botnet that wreaked the DNS havoc consisted of about 100,000 household devices like webcams, DVRs infected with Mirai malware.

#4 Distributed Guessing Attacks

Researchers from Newcastle University, UK managed to find a flaw in VISA payment system which allows hackers to guess your credit/debit card number, expiry date and security code in just six seconds. Hacker uses the technique called “Distributed Guessing Attack” which can bypass every security feature in a matter of seconds.

#5 Hacking into the iPhone of a terrorist

We all know that how the tech giant like Apple put its heads down after the FBI unlocked an iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorist. Initially, at the time of investigation FBI asked the tech giant Apple for help to unlock the terrorist iPhone, but Apple simply refused to do so and filed a formal complaint against the FBI. Later, with the help of ethical hackers, FBI managed to unlock the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone that also without any help of Apple which caused major embarrassment for the tech giant. So, above are the top 5 biggest hacks that prove that the year 2016 will be known as one of the worst years. Did you find this article interesting? Share it with your friends too!