Technology sometimes fails too! These are the rare case. However, on 2016 giant companies have faced some disastrous events. Therefore, here we have decided to discuss five biggest tech fails of 2016. So, let’s start:

#1 Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Well, Samsung is right now on the top spot when it comes to Android smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 received applaud when it was first launched because it features lots of extraordinary things like water resistance, the iris scanner, wireless charging, etc. However, after few days of usage, customers started reporting overheating issues and battery explosion. Some people even got third-degree burn from this phone. The company recalled its handset and also launch a replacement program with new ones which again were reported to have similar issues. The company then completely pulled off its production from the market.

#2 GoPro’s Karma Drone

GoPro Karma drone came up with some great specifications. It had a Hero 5 camera, grip stabilizer, simple yet powerful controller and a backpack to rest your accessories. However, the drones started collapsing. Within two weeks, the company recalled its Karma Drone units with scores of users complaining about their drone falling mid-flight.

#3 Macbook Without Slot and iPhone without Audio Jack

Well, Apple likes innovation and two of their products MacBook Pro and iPhone 7 have been unparalleled in more ways than one. Customers refused to accept Macbook Pro with no USB slot or an SD card slot. Apple’s iPhone 7 also ditched the 3.5 mm audio jack has faced more flak than gathered appreciation.

#4 VR 360 Camera’s

VR (Virtual Reality) is one of the next big things in the world of tech, but it wasn’t well received for several reasons. The camera needs to be affordable and easy to use for the masses. Nikon’s KeyMission 360 is priced at $499 which can shoot 4K quality videos, but it was not easy to use. VR technology is popular but companies need to produce consumer-based high-quality VR video recorder.

#5 Lily Camera

Well, it was first introduced in 2015. The concept of this camera was amazing this doesn’t require any special skills as users just need to throw it in the air and this will record anything. This Camera also won coveted CES Innovation award. However, this camera hasn’t seen daylight until now and the company isn’t even taking orders anymore. So, these are the five tech failures that disappointed us in the year passing by. 2016 also seen some technologies that came true and were absolutely amazing. So, if you want to add something to the list! Share with us in the comment section below.